Happy President's Day

I love it when I have a 3 day weekend. Today I'm headed to Syracuse to hit the mall with my best friend Rosie. update: Rosie has a fever :( so we aren't meeting afterall. 
 Rosie and I have been friends since the 4th Grade. She moved to my home town and we were inseparable from the day we met in Mrs. Houck's classroom. Over the years we have grown up, and grown apart but always try to get together once every few months, or talk once a month.  We love getting together to share the gossip about people we know, or enjoy some girl time, and shopping is always fun.
If you ever met Rosie, you'd love her. She's always happy. And her laugh is infectious.

I thought I would show you a bigger pic of this necklace I made a few days ago. I put a pic of it in a collage the other day and got some nice comments on it and questions about the pendant.
I bought the bezel pendant at Fusion Beads. It's fairly shallow- I had planned on filling it with resin. I even bought the resin. I found this cute floral fabric and cut it carefully out for the bezel. I glued it in with some mod podge. But then I nixed the idea of Resin. I'm not sure it's necessary, and being that the bezel is so shallow, I thought it might just be a pain in the butt. SO ... it works!


Cute little bird toggle that I 
found at Michael's. 
It's from the 
Jill Mackay line. You pull
the birds tail down to open the clasp! ;)

Here's a close up up of the beads, I used some lucite rounds,
carved bones, glass, a floral ceramic round,
and this cool faceted handmade red ceramic nugget
from Diane Hawkey.