i need a vacation.

I think this might be a sign.

the beach is calling for me.

Aren't these so cool? I attached the drilled beach stones to the Speckled ceramic discs that Erin of Every Heart Crafts made, using small brass cable chain.

And these earrings were kind of tough to create because of the knotting at the top, but I like how the rocks fan out almost like branches. The Coin beads are handmade ceramic discs from Elaine Ray.

I am headed to Florida in a couple of weeks. Orlando. Gotta do some work for the museum. I hope it's warm there. Because it certainly is NOT warm here and I've got the February blues.

I'm hoping I can find a bead shop in downtown Orlando. Know of any good ones? I'll take recommendations for good food too. I'll be without a car so I'm hoping the area I'm staying will have lots to see within walking distance.

These new earrings are now available in my shop. Just in case the beach is calling your name too.


  1. Great earring designs! I have been working with these drilled stones for the first time, creating a necklace for a male friend of mine who is a mountain climber. I think we all need a vacation! I have been trying to plan something beachy for my hubby and I, but it still wouldn't be for a few months.

  2. Love the earrings, L!

  3. At last check there are 4 or 5 bead shops in Orlando. You shouldn't have any problem finding one! Enjoy!

  4. They are certainly beachy, which seems to be trend of late, checkout my creation:


    It must have something to do with the harshness of winter this year on both sides of the Atlantic.

  5. Lorelei.. I am so excited to hear you will be in Florida! Orlando is 30-45 minutes from my hometown, and I def. can give you some bead store shopping tips, and ways to get around to where you want to go - great restaturants as well. I went to college in Orlando (O-town) and used to work for the Convention and Visitors Bureau there. Let me know where you will be staying, and I can give you a pretty good idea of what the Best of the Best is around you.

    email me: laynedasher@gmail.com

  6. Lucky girl! I think the beach is calling my name, but that is not to be this year... If you are looking for a good breakfast the Peabody Hotel (the one with the famous ducks that waddle through the lobby) has a great diner. We would go there every day before the convention because it was right across the street.

    You just have a way, a magic with whatever materials you are working with. You are a marvel, Miss Lorelei. And an inspiration.

    Enjoy the day!

  7. I feel the warm weather calling me for sure, no beaches around here though. lol. Great earrings:)

    thanks for adding me to your blog roll :)


  8. Those earrings are "da bomb!" And now I need a day at the beach, too! You've got to get the museum to send you out here on business!

  9. I got my Fly Away Home LadyBugger Bracelet in the mail today! Gorgeous! I just love it. You do awesome work. I also love your cute little business cards, they are nifty.

  10. I love the beach stone jewelry. We don't have many stones on the beach here in SWFL, but I pick up as many as I can find. This is the season to go to Orlando-I'm driving up there in a few weeks. I hope there are some bead stores open on a Sunday.

  11. Florida has been chilly this winter for us Floridians but I am sure you will love it. Enjoy your stay here and check out
    they are open 7 days, have not been there, but is on my list of places to check out on my next visit to O. They have a good looking web site.
    Love the beach stone earrings!

  12. I've been yearning for the beach as well. I've been stitching up some aquas and driftwood and golden yellow pieces. Aaah the warmth would be magnificent!

    Bead happy and stay warm!


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