More pictures from today

I walked around the museum  where I am working (reminder, i am not on a florida vacation!) and enjoyed some of the scenery during my lunch break. The museum looks out onto a pretty little lake where this morning, it was completely taken over by birds of all sizes.... mostly geese, and many blue herons and white cranes. They were stunning to watch flying in to the shore to catch their breakfast.

Looks like I may have a day to just relax if we can get everything done tomorrow but I probably just jinxed it.
Here is a shot of my B&B from the sidewalk. My room is on the second floor.
that's my porch.
it's so cute!


  1. Looks lovely! What a place to "work"!

  2. Hmmm. Adorable B and B. What is the name. I have to take my daughter to visit colleges up that way. Maybe it's a good place to stay. Was the service good? Any leads on bead stores yet?

  3. I love those mossy trees.

  4. Looks like you are having a good time thus far in Florida. Make it to any bead stores yet?

  5. Lucky you girl!!!

  6. Oops! I guess just the thought of being someplace warm is a vacation in my mind. I will have to remember that museum. Sounds like it has been fun even though it is a four letter word ('work'). I love that drippy moss. It seems so laid back and languid. Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. You're in my old stomping grounds! I grew up in Orlando. I actually used to work for the Orlando Museum of Art, which is not far from the one you're at. While you're there... you've got to try some places out like White Wolf Cafe, Schindler's (their potato salad is to die for), and if you're in the mood for a movie, the Enzian. It's an arty little place that shows movies and serves alcohol and food. Don't forget to stroll around downtown Winter Park. They've got lots of cute cafes and museums. And it's one of the only places you'll see rich, white people live next to a train track.

    I would also say, if you can find one running, take a tour of the Winter Park waterways. (All of the little lakes are connected by a canal system.) They take you on a tour boat and show you around town from a very unique perspective. It's a nice balance of city and nature!

  8. Oh I am so jealous right now. A place with no snow and it's so beautiful! I hope you get a chance to post more pictures. Florida is such an awesome state!

  9. Are you sure you're working? hummmmmmmmmmmm!
    Are they hiring?

  10. Mel Mel2/23/2010

    I'll knock wood and keep my fingers crossed for you to have a day to just relax. Enjoy your trip.

  11. I think that bird you saw was a heron...a blue one. Did it have long legs? I'm just over the border in Georgia and when those big birds take flight from the ditches at the sides of the road their wing span is daunting - over six feet. They also have a little trouble clearing the tops of the cars if they have gotten a little wet in the ditch; I've had to slam on the brakes a few times to avoid collisions.

    I'm glad you're liking the southern weather - it actually just warmed up as you were coming down.


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