My work here is done.

A long day but I made it through. We got everything done at the museum and I was finished working by 4pm today. SWEET!
It was a beautiful and sunny day today. I couldn't believe how warm it got. I enjoyed some sun on my face on my lunch break. That's also when I ran into one of the coolest birds I've ever seen.Not sure what it was called, a cool deep grey/blue crane type bird, that was checking out the back yard by the lake while I was catching some rays. I got a pic with my iphone but it came out blurry and I was far away.

These pics are from Tijuana Flats where I ate a chimichanga for dinner. It was good and I loved the fun and colorful atmosphere. I sent some iphone pics to Joe, knowing that he would get a kick out of this wall mural.
And of course he would have totally loved the hot sauce bar.


Not sure if you heard about this major snowstorm that is slowly closing in on NY state. Weather is always an issue... so after lots of thought and deliberation, I decided to switch my fllight to tomorrow so that I would have less of a chance of canceled flights/or delays. I have no patience for stuff like this and it unnecessarily stresses me totally out so, I'll be home tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no problems or issues.

See you when I get home...