Randomness for Saturday

-These little cuties, from LeAnn, are flying on over to my place, and will probably be waiting for me when I return from FL. I'm excited, they are so cute!

- Yesterday I made it to 400 followers, and today I have 399. Hmmm. Lost one. I guess my charm and good looks couldn't keep them around.  I wish I knew who it was, I could try to lure them back with beads, or candy.

-Last night, Joe got back from a few days in CT. I really missed him, and I am so glad he's home. I cooked  a nice dinner, Puttanesca with Haddock. Normally we just make the sauce, no meat, and put it on pasta. Last night we bought some Haddock filets, and cut it up , and put it inside the sauce to cook it, and had it with past on the side. It was so good. My favorite way to make fish.

-I am headed to a local spa this afternoon for a Facial. It's the Hot Lava Stone Facial, that comes with a head, neck, hands and feet massage. I got a gift certificate from a cool co-worker, and I'm happy to have a little relaxation time before the stress of travelling. I'm not the best traveller. I get nervous. I worry. Flying doesn't bother me really, but just the befores and afters, finding my luggage, getting to a cab, getting to my hotel. I could do without all that stress.

-I was just thinking the other day that it had been a long time since my cat threw up. She normally does when she eats too fast. It happened this morning. Poor thing. And now she's acting kind of weird, like it really took a lot out of her. Gosh, I know that feeling.

Alright well, time to start my Saturday. Hope you all keep checking in while I'm away,
I'm going to try to blog a little bit while I'm gone.