Tuesday feels like Monday

Good Morning Bunnies!

After my shopping plans were cancelled due to a fever of my friend, I felt antsy. Like, I had to do something that was motivating, and beading all day wasn't on my agenda. So I decided to rearrange my studio. I moved my work table back to face the windows, and moved that big ass window bench that Joe built, to wear the table was. Every available wall space is taken. The lighting in that room is poor (no ceiling fixture) and the clamp light I was using wouldn't stay clamped, and the floor lamp lost its knobs and I now literally have to use a mini screwdriver to turn the thing on. Good times.
This project was a lofty idea. I moved everything and then spent most of my time consolidating beads, putting more into the big bead cabinet. So now I still seem to have 1 and a half tables full of beads, but I didn't lose or gain much space at all. ? huh!

I wasn't really that happy with the whole outcome but was pretty burnt out and tired by 3pm and didn't feel like fixing it so I'll keep it until the mood strikes again.
Oh this bracelet above- I ended up taking apart a bunch of jewelry. So this was a culmination of a few different pieces, into this new bracelet design. I like how it turned out, but I'm a total sucker for this Rabbit Ojime bead. I took apart the big showy Alice in Wonderland necklace. It was a little sad but I didn't feel like it was all that wearable or successful. So, off with it's head!! That's where I snagged the rabbit from.

Hmmm, another highlight of yesterday was that Joe and I made beer battered fish tacos. They were quite delicious. We were quite proud that we pulled this meal off, and even high fived, halfway through eating it.
It was a recipe we saw on the Food Network, a new Mexican show- Mexican Made Easy or something like that.

Wishing my Joe a great birthday today, is the big 39- but keeps saying "Can't believe I'm 40". I guess at this stage in life, 39 might as well be 40. It's all the same. We are headed out to a nice steak house for the birthday dinner tonight.  I didn't get him anything. I asked him for weeks what he wanted. He kept saying, NOTHING!! What do you buy a man who wants nothing. You take him out for steak I guess!!

Hope you all have a good Monday. Tuesday!