Tuesday feels like Monday

Good Morning Bunnies!

After my shopping plans were cancelled due to a fever of my friend, I felt antsy. Like, I had to do something that was motivating, and beading all day wasn't on my agenda. So I decided to rearrange my studio. I moved my work table back to face the windows, and moved that big ass window bench that Joe built, to wear the table was. Every available wall space is taken. The lighting in that room is poor (no ceiling fixture) and the clamp light I was using wouldn't stay clamped, and the floor lamp lost its knobs and I now literally have to use a mini screwdriver to turn the thing on. Good times.
This project was a lofty idea. I moved everything and then spent most of my time consolidating beads, putting more into the big bead cabinet. So now I still seem to have 1 and a half tables full of beads, but I didn't lose or gain much space at all. ? huh!

I wasn't really that happy with the whole outcome but was pretty burnt out and tired by 3pm and didn't feel like fixing it so I'll keep it until the mood strikes again.
Oh this bracelet above- I ended up taking apart a bunch of jewelry. So this was a culmination of a few different pieces, into this new bracelet design. I like how it turned out, but I'm a total sucker for this Rabbit Ojime bead. I took apart the big showy Alice in Wonderland necklace. It was a little sad but I didn't feel like it was all that wearable or successful. So, off with it's head!! That's where I snagged the rabbit from.

Hmmm, another highlight of yesterday was that Joe and I made beer battered fish tacos. They were quite delicious. We were quite proud that we pulled this meal off, and even high fived, halfway through eating it.
It was a recipe we saw on the Food Network, a new Mexican show- Mexican Made Easy or something like that.

Wishing my Joe a great birthday today, is the big 39- but keeps saying "Can't believe I'm 40". I guess at this stage in life, 39 might as well be 40. It's all the same. We are headed out to a nice steak house for the birthday dinner tonight.  I didn't get him anything. I asked him for weeks what he wanted. He kept saying, NOTHING!! What do you buy a man who wants nothing. You take him out for steak I guess!!

Hope you all have a good Monday. Tuesday!


  1. I love fish tacos-never made them myself though. Was it easy? Love the bracelet sooooo much!!!I've decided that the work space is never what it needs to be and that the solution is to design the next house around any artistic needs. That's practical right? Ok to dream.....

  2. Ahhhh the lament of organization...do I re-organize and muddle my way through the "Now where did I put that?" conundrum or leave my clutter alone and blissfully go on to celebrate my artistic journey?

    While your journey through moving everything and the lighting issues was taxing...your "Good Morning Bunnies" bracelet is perfection!

    I've disassembled many an item only to find the new vision is even better than I had hoped!

    Enjoy Joe's Birthday and the steak dinner!


  3. Hi Tari!
    Oh they were wicked easy! I can email you the recipe if you want to try it.
    Yes I think that's what I'll do someday when we build our dream house. I'd have all built-in cabinets, and countertops. ahhhh, that would be awesome.

  4. That bunny is so sweet in that lovely bracelet. Good to move over to the window I think. Nothing better than natural light whenever you can get it. Happy birthday, Joe!

  5. Oh Lorelei have a very Wonderful Joes Birthday today!! Thats a lovely bracelet! ox

  6. Thanks Lorelei I would love the recipe! And when you're building, don't forget the french doors that open out into a tiny little garden courtyard....

  7. Love the combination of ribbon and chain in the bracelet. You have such a great eye for what works!

  8. You so make me want to wear bracelets! In fact, I had one that I was stalking on your Etsy site but someone bought it. I will have to be a quicker bunny next time!
    I love it when you can take apart a design and make it even more successful with editing! Bravo!
    You are motivating me to do something with this mess I call a studio. And I totally laughted at the image of you toggling your light with a pliers! I have been there! Maybe I will have to call in "sick" and do a little spring cleaning of my own! Enjoy the day, Lorelei!
    P.S. I totally forgot to send you a recipe for Valentine's day...I made my famous Lip Smackin' Pork Chops yesterday and that's when I remembered. And to Joe...I plan to hold at 39 for as long as I am able... this will be the 3rd anniversary of my 39th birthday this summer!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous bracelet, love it!

    Have fun tonight!

  10. Anonymous2/16/2010

    You made a good choice to take a necklace apart for this - because that bracelet is absolutely stunning!

  11. I love the rabbit bead but I am intrigued by the piece of material, is it ribbon or a strip of patterned material?

    Pass birthday wishes to your Joe, my other half hit the big 40 last year and I'll be doing so in a couple of years time, hitting 30 was a breeze but knowing 40 is around the corner is very surreal to say the least.

  12. I love the bunny and the fabric - really great idea! Hope your husband has a great birthday - mine loves a good steak dinner too!

  13. I heart that bunny rabbit! He is TOO cute!

  14. Anonymous2/16/2010

    love the bracelet!! you just seem to get better and better :)
    I feel your pain with the poor lighting...I look forward to moving in a few months and setting up my studio in a room that wont make me go blind. umm...not lloking foward to the 'packing and moving' part though.
    Please pass along a birthday wish for your hubby bear. fish tacos sound awesome!! ive never attempted to make them at home (althogh we have fried everything else!)
    I would LOVE the recipe ;)
    xoxo/ h

    ps. LOVE the new blog layout!!

  15. Oh and another thing...that Alice necklace was one of my fave of alot of the things you made! I should of asked you about it!! But thought youd sold it!

  16. I love the bunny bracelet! I need to rearrange and organize too, but I am not as ambitious as you! LOL

  17. Love the way it turned out! Gorgeous design. Sorry the big studio rearrange didn't work out the way you planned. Hope tomorrow feels better by the end:)

  18. I too went on a re-organizing binge not too long ago. I only wanted to shift my table to the window that faces my backyard (rather than my neighbor's house), and it turned into moving every piece of furniture in the room, installing shelves, emptying and re-filling the two china-cabinets-turned-bead-cabinets, etc. etc. Oh my ! I was hating almost every second of it. Although I do like my new view - I'm not sure it was all worth it. Next time I have that re-do bug, I'll be sure to ignore it :)

    Hope Joe's birthday steak was done perfectly!


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