happy friday my little tweets.
Can you believe, it's 8 degrees here, and I can hear in
the distance a small bird singing away in the frigid cold.

I want Spring so badly I can taste it.

I'm headed to my Cardiologist appt. this morning.
A follow-up to this summer's diagnosis  of A-Fib.
I hope it goes well.

Then I'm going to stop into a local shop
and pick up one of these.
How stinkin' cute is this new Vera Bradley print, Sittin' in a Tree!!


  1. Bundle up when you venture out, Lorelei! Hope all goes well at your appointment. I adore the Vera Bradley print...too cute!

    BTW, I read about this new blogger feature this morning and thought about you. Maybe you'd be interested in "pages". This could be a useful...

    Keep warm.

  2. Hey what a nice surprise this morning. Love the enameled beads, I am on the torch fired enamel bandwagon thanks to Barbara.

  3. Good luck at your appointment. I love that new pattern too - that is going to be the next bag I buy!!!

  4. Keeping fingers crossed for you (helps to keep them warm-er, too!). That little birdie is perfect. It will look great with your new wallet!
    Enjoy the day, Lorelei!

  5. What a lovely bracelet! Lovin' the colors and textures!

    Hope your appointment goes well and Springtime comes soon!

  6. Hope everything turn ok at your MD appointment!

  7. I'd go for the Poppy Fields wallet!!

  8. Tweet Tweet Tweet I want It!!! I left you a convo a your etsy shop!!

  9. What a sweet bracelet! I'm so ready for spring too--today is the first day the sun has come out for a long time. Snow again Sunday.

    Hope you get good news at the cardiologist today!

  10. Good thoughts are with you today!

  11. Love LeAnn's little birdie! I didn't get mine yet - I've had no mail for a week!

  12. love that bracelet. you have a brillant eye for color

  13. I ordered all my stuff to make some of those enamel beads, I can't wait! Love the new bracelet :) Good luch at your appointment


  14. Ah, that is too tweet. Loooove it. Good luck with the appointment.

  15. Thats so cold it must burn the skin almost! Im going to shop soon as I get off of here! YeY for shopping and money!

  16. Anonymous2/12/2010

    Hope your Dr.'s appointment went the custom necklace. amanda

  17. Tweet, Tweet - Love the bracelet. Bundle up to survive the deep freeze.

  18. Hope everything went well at the doctor's visit. I've heard a few birds chirping outside and it reminds me that spring is right around the corner.

  19. Sweet bracelet!

    Spring is coming :) a few plants are starting to sprout in NH already! Hope the doctor visit goes well!

  20. I just LOVE that bird!

  21. I love the combination here, Earth Mama!

    I have to go look up A-Fib.....


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