I am working today. Been a busy morning. Enjoying my leftover chicken quesadilla from last night. Thought I'd surprise you with an an iPhone blog post. Haha! Didn't know I could do that, didja??
Here is where I'm sitting having some lunch.

But I wish I was enjoying my private oasis at my B&B.

Nice huh?? More later. Don't want my phone battery to die.

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  1. Jealous about your facial, massage and B&B quarters. And I am loving the blue on that wall where you ate lunch today!

  2. Loving the B&B!! It looks so sweet :)

  3. You just live to make me jealous, don't you? If it's not with beads it's with fabulous vacation locations! :-)

  4. Ha, I thought you were relaing. Be sure to get some porch time.

  5. Nutter lol!
    Have a wonderful time and relax away from the beading! :)

  6. You are supposed to be relaxing, not working, right? I hope that you are getting some fabulous r&r and from the looks of that locale I would say that you are. And no snow! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. Wow! Now that's a porch. Enjoy!

  8. Wanna trade places?
    Looks lovely!


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