Are you Totally Twisted?

Have you picked up a copy of Kerry's new book?? Whatcha waiting for homegirls!? It's on shelves now! I saw it at the local Barnes and Noble AND the local Joann Fabrics! But I went on Kerry's website last week and ordered my own SIGNED copy, cuz, well- why wouldn't I?? We are friends, I am proud of her, and it's an amazing book!

So today I picked it up and not only flipped through it but learned a few new techniques that I used in a few pieces of jewelry.  In this first necklace I worked up a design like Kerry's "Flying Trapeze".  Instead of a lampwork glass bead, I used one of Barbara Lewis's enameled beads in Robin's Egg Blue.  I changed the shape of the wire above the focal bead, and instead of adding twisted wire, I added a few coordinating seed beads, and some copper rounds. The pendant hangs from some nice brass bar chain from Ornamentea.

I love how the enameled round spins on the wire. It's fun, and wearable, super lightweight! I of course used brass wire instead of Kerry's silver design. I think I Lorelei-ified it just right! :)

In this next necklace I used a few different techniques from a couple of projects in the book, and combined them into one piece.  The chunky wire wrapped links, some hammered large wire wrapped links that attach to the ceramic rings from Diane Hawkey, and the hook clasp too.  I worked in copper wire this time, which matches all the big link chain at the front.  The magic bead at the right is also from Diane. This necklace came together like magic, so it was only fitting.  I added some faceted long recycled glass beads, that are wire wrapped. and the two lampwork glass beads above and below the ceramic rings are etched dotted glass rounds from Mika of Pinocean.

Make sure you check out Kerry's Blog tour... follow her around to different blogs for interviews and an insider's look at what makes Kerry Twistarific!


  1. Wow, what nice necklaces you have made!!!!!! I read the review of that book by Heather (i think it was her) and also got interested. It is now in my shopping cart from interweave, which i haven't clicked on complete the purchase for yet, since i am still thinking i might add some more things. But now I will go on and buy it, plus the preorder of Beads 2010 of course. Anyway, the necklace with Barbaras bead is wonderful. I want to make one too. But I will of course Malinify mine ... :-)

  2. This is one of the best books, isn't it? I love how it really feels as if Kerry were over my shoulder giving me advice and egging me on. Your take on the inspiration is divine. As ever. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Fantastic pieces!! You really did Lorelei-fy the ideas. :) I need to get my experimentation on!

  4. I have had this book for almost a week now and LOVE it!! I also got a signed copy and she has amazing handwriting. I am planning on trying a few new things too :)

  5. LORI!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! That Trapeze is so you and turned out so pretty. I love your TWISTS on it. Your wire working is just getting better and better and better. Just love love love. Thank you for this wonderful review.

  6. I think your middle name is "O" for Original!


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