Art Beads: Blogging for SPRING

SPRING has Sprung. Or it's trying to anyway. Still pretty cold in upstate New York.
But it always takes a little while before it really warms up. But I know it's coming because
the tulips are peeking up out of the dirt, and I've seen some crocuses too.

Spring makes me think of flowers. When Art Beads told me that this month's theme was Spring related,
I searched their website high and low for Flower pendants. I was immediately drawn to the design of this
It was an easy find, however finding the perfect beads to go with it was a lot tougher.
I settled on this lovely strand of 6mm Apatite rounds, which I think play well with the pendant afterall.
There were a lot of choices in stone strands. I could have gone with the green and brown turquoise rounds as well, that would have been a nice unexpected color choice, to bring out the green of the leaves on the pendant.

To bring out the reds in the pendant, I chose a deep red lucite flower bead,
and created a bright yellow center with a brass bead cap and yellow glass cube.
Putting it right above the pendant helps draw your eye up and then placing the white
flower bead up towards the clasp, draws your eye up and around the back of the necklace.
A little unexpected addition!

I created my own handmade brass hook and eye clasp, and flanked it with some brass spacers.
Overall,  a feminine and Spring necklace that could even be worn all year round.

The pendant and apatite rounds used in the previous post, specifically referenced as from were provided as promotional gifts by for review or design partnership purposes.


  1. Beautiful! I love their stone beads and pendants. Your necklace showcases the pendant beautifully. Love the white flower bead on the side.

  2. Captures the essence of spring perfectly ! Such a sweet whimsical piece and that pendant is very pretty.

  3. This is such a pretty piece.

  4. the bonus little white rosette takes it from lovely to extraordinary - you must, must have quite the bead stash.

  5. I love how you used a rather "plain" strand and it looks so smooth and elegant. It really sets off the pretty pendant! Plus, the little floral surprise near the back is so fun!

  6. Love the color choices. The necklace is lovely. Was checking on the barn owl link you shared. I think the babies hatched this morning!

  7. this is beautiful!!! great job!

  8. Lorelei, this necklace is DARLING! So beautiful and that surprise rose just MAKES it. I love the colors and the pendant... just everything. Wonderful piece.


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