Butterfly Series

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out.
Lately I am fascinated with the idea of series.
This is my butterfly series. Featuring Pork Chop Show's butterflies,
some delicate brass chain, coordinating beads, and
handmade button clasps.
Available in the shop within the hour.


  1. Oh Lorelei! I LOVE them! They're GORGEOUS and scream "SPRINGTIME!"

  2. So beautiful and perfect for Spring... can't pick a favorite - all of the colors are so pretty.

  3. What a wonderful idea and especially for Spring! They are beautiful!

    Lovin' the colors and the design! Great design!


  4. The great thing about these wooden butterfly components is that each one represents a different species of butterfly and this is reflected both in the shapes and colorings.

    Nicely done... looks like your work was inspired.

  5. I love the butterflies! Very pretty and I like how delicate the necklaces are, just enough. Good Beadin' I love your jewelry :)

  6. These are awesome, L! I just love those butterflies! So pretty, femine and delicate. Perfect for spring. Each necklace has a greater impact when they are in a grouping like this. Great job on the series!

  7. The loveliness is killing me...must...stop...drooling....

    Seriously, tho, great job!

  8. Oops! She did it again.

  9. Anonymous4/01/2010

    How can i buy it? I live in Russia. I search someyhing like that for a long time. Please, post me. 382811@mail.ru

    Best regards,


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