This owl necklace has to be one of my favorite pieces ever. That owl pendant from Green Girl Studios is one of the best things they make, frankly, in my humble opinion.  Look how sweet that bird, the details impeccable, the stance strong but yet the pendant has this softness about it, that gives it that feminine feel.

Take a look at that fancy clasp. I bought some components a while back from Kate McKinnon when she was having one of her Soul Clearing sales on her website. I have been hoarding them in a baggie in my stash for months and months. Today, this oval shaped doo-hicky came out and I was able to work into a clasp which this piece was lacking that  just-oh-so-right closure. I'm not exactly sure how Kate intended for this component to work... but I added some galvanized steel wire and voila!
I didn't bead all day, but spent a few hours of consistent beading this afternoon. I rocked the earrings, finished 5 pairs. Plus this necklace. Plus one more necklace that is currently in the works.  I feel like a steam engine just getting up to speed again after trudging up a steep hill.  Lots of ideas for change are swirling around in my head. I get bored. Can you tell? The blog changes. The banner changes. (check out my post today over at the Art Bead Scene, I did a tutorial on how to make your own banner! and am giving away a pair of earrings... BUT WAIT> finish reading this post first)

I'm also playing around with the idea of creating a Collection. Or a series of collections. Jewelry collections.
or maybe just a jewelry series. I don't know. I just feel like this over-powering urge to have like categories.
Glass. Ceramics. Mixed Media. Fiber. Metal. And then making jewelry and categorize them in my shop according this series/collection. what the hell is the difference between a series and a collection??
At any rate, I'm thinking of ways to create a more cohesive look to my "brand", as a whole. And I think this might just be the ticket.