Giving Back to Haiti

Surely you haven't forgotten that an earthquake of mass destruction hit Haiti a few weeks ago.
Although it's not been mentioned as much lately on the news, the need for help still exists.
As artists, we want to give back.
What better way, then to pull together a couple of jewelry designers, they're love for art and beads...
to create a collaborative piece of jewelry to auction off for the charity of helping Haiti.

Auction Starts: Today, Monday March 29th 2010
Auction Ends: Midnight on Monday, April 5th, 2010  

Bids will start at $50.00
Place a bid by leaving a comment on this post. Be sure to post the dollar amount you are bidding, and your email address. At auctions end, I will send a Paypal invoice to you, the winning bidder. I will then make a contribution 
I will then send a receipt to you for the donation.

Read below for details about our collaborative necklace.

Andrew started the necklace design and then sent it to me for my additions. Andrew included the following:
Lovely hand-stamped Silver focal pendant from Heather Wynn, which reads: "The entire sum of existence  is the magic of being needed by just one person". Andrew also included wire wrapped faceted natural sapphires, faceted Herkimer diamonds, green Quartz, Vermeil cornerless cubes, silver chain, gold plated chain, and moonstone.  He also used a small section of his own handmade silver metal clay chain, and a Silver Bird toggle from his family at Green Girl Studios.

My additions included a second strand using gold artist wire, pale green and white vintage buttons from my Grandmother's button stash, some faceted Swarovski crystal  rounds in Erinite green, silver wire. I also added a few art beads, such as this cool handmade ceramic bar bead from Marsha Neal Studios, and some handmade chain from Lynn Davis. The ceramic bar and the swarovski crystals add a bit more of the green color that Andrew also incorporated.. Above the pendant, I tied a small section of antique vintage lace, adding a bit of whimsy to this classic and feminine neck piece.

The necklace measurements are: 27 inches long, and the pendant measures 
1 x 1 inch.

Included in the package, the winner will also receive one of andrew's mini-collages in a cello-sleeve of a card, and our business cards.

A big thanks goes out to Nina Bagley who inspired the layout of my post today. Had that not been the case, you probably would have just seen a whole lot of pictures of this necklace with not a lot of explanations.  
Nina mentioned in her auction post the following blog, written from a family who is living in Haiti and reporting about the aftermath from the earthquake.

I hope you consider bidding... giving back. It's what we have to do.