He brought The Goods

The mailman, that is.

He brought 4 packages yesterday. 3 of them were expected, 1 of them was a surprise gift. Wanna see em?
I know you do.

First up. My business cards arrived. I ordered 100 cards, and went with the larger business card size instead of the mini moo cards. Those are cute but I just wanted something different this time around. Instead of adding a million of my own photos, which don't typically crop down very well in the editing process, I picked their pre-loaded artist images ... I am pretty sure i picked about 100 different ones. They are so sweet.
Then on the back, I included an image of one of my necklaces. However. I am unhappy that I didn't notice that the image was a bit off center... ahh well. And I picked  teal as my font color and overall I am quite happy with how they turned out. Problem with having cute cards is, I never want to give them up.

Second package was a recent order from LimaBeads.com. I found out they have some seriously cool chain for really great prices. I also picked up a few half strands of stones.... the cool think about Limabeads, is that they offer this option on some of their strands. It's nice to be able to try out just a few to see if it's worth getting a full strand next order. I also love that they always include a nice 10% off coupon with every order. 10% sometimes makes a nice difference!

Package number 3 came from Kylie Parry... I ordered a couple of her destash sets of pendants. AND a few cutie bird beads, plus a bird necklace for myself.  I couldn't be happier with Kylie's work. It's so earthy and sweet. But the best part is, she sent a few owls as a surprise. She knows the way straight to my heart, she does she does. :)

If you read Kelley's blog, you might have seen her mention some bead shopping she did while she was in Arizona. She showed off some of the beads, and mentioned sending out a surprise little package to a special someone. Can you guess who that was?? Lil' ol' me. Gosh, I couldn't be luckier. She sent me a little grab bag
of some of the goodies she picked up on her trip. I am in love with them all. Thanks again, Kelley, you are totally da bomb. Love ya girl!

Guess I better get beading!


  1. Lorelei!

    How beautiful! Love your business cards!

    I need to work on that aspect of my Etsy shop!

    Love the info on Lima Beads!

    Your treasures from Kelley are so wonderful! I can't wait to see what you create!

    Have fun and thank you for sharing!


  2. When I know beads are in the mail I wait for the mailman like my dogs wait for my husband to come home! I have my priorities! You have a nice batch if beads to work with, fresh inspiration, can't wait to see your creations. Good idea on the business cards, very pretty. Happy beading.

  3. mary s3/28/2010

    I can relate! I got two yellow padded envelopes in the mail yesterday, too! Beautiful ceramic buttons from tracee dock at classicelements and from sarah at palominoblue buttons!

    Aren't we lucky?

  4. Lorelei you lucky girl to have a personal shopper like Kelly. I love the moo cards I will have to get some of thee before my isgb show this summer.

  5. The cards turned out sooo cute! I had no idea you could add an image to the backside of the bigger ones as well...hmmm. I might have to go check that out...:)

  6. Lovely,Lovely,Lovely and Lovely! Have fun with everything:)

  7. You have great friends who know what you like. Now to see what you create is the greatest gift back, I am sure. Those owls are pretty darn cute. Great find! Thanks for the Lima Beads review...I have circled around ordering there for some time. Now I know that they come highly rated! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. The moo cards look fabulous and I LOVE those little owls. Shwelcome for the beads, I'm glad you liked em :)

  9. I love getting packages in the mail - sweet deal! You got a ton of great goodies!


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