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I realized I didn't really blog all weekend. I apologize for that. I guess I just didn't have a lot to say. Saturday I picked up Becky from rehab and we did a little shopping and went to Michaels for some supplies. Then enjoyed some down time at my house, enjoyed some coffee and Becky went through a bunch of my beads. She's gotta stop coming over, I keep sending her back with tons of goodies. I gave up a sweet Pinocean bead set that she adored, a new Lynn Davis pendant that she fell in love with,  some ribbon, and a strand of cool horn beads that I just got. :)
It's incredible to share an interest like beading with a family member. I'll have her hooked on art beads in no time.

Sunday I spen doing some jewelry. And then severely suffered from it all night from a hurting shoulder blade. My stool- uncomfortable. Jade Scott is trying to convince me that I need to put a couch with a lower coffee table in my studio- for a more comfy beading seat. I can't imagine getting a loveseat up the stairs to my room though. But I am seriously considering some sort of change, or I'll be crippled. What kind of seating do you have in your studios? Any suggestions?


  1. Lorelei, I have one of these chairs
    Had terrible neck trouble for ages before I got one. Maintains the correct spinal and head/shoulder position.

  2. I have an office chair we got at Office Depot...It is tall enough for my back, and it has armrests - which I have to have because my right shoulder is kinda weird sometimes.

    A lot of it is working at the right height for your table, too..I know they always talk about ergonomics at work and making sure we have things set up in the right place (they could still take a picture of me as a "what not to do")...

  3. I used to make beads at a studio that had stools and I always had a sore shoulder blade. Since I have had my own studio I have a supportive office chair, the table height is a high enough that when my elbows are resting on the table they make a perfect right angle. I have not had a sore shoulder since, and I am looking down at the torch the same way you would be when you are making jewelry. Get rid of that stool you need back support.
    Love the bracelet with my enamel beads, so cool to see my beads in a finished product.

  4. Ergonomic office chair with arm rests, although I do have to have a nice soft pillow behind my lower back still. Get one on wheels - then you can roll yourself around the room to your various storage spaces....

  5. I'm an office chair kind of girl, too, but I still have to focus on sitting up straight. Plus, I make myself take more breaks...it's hard to stand up and walk away when I'm in the groove, but it helps. Oh, and Motrin...the big ones...they're a part of my beading supplies, too! haaaaaaa

  6. I always end up sitting on the floor which normally ends in a sore back, so I am not much help there. Love the new pieces! The enameled beads are awesome, I made more last night and I am really happy with them :)

  7. I have 3 office chairs in my studio. I love that you can adjust the height.

    I'm on the hunt for a loveseat or oversized chair for my studio too. But more for day dreaming and sketching.

  8. I really love the Spring Time Chandelier earrings...I might just have to get those. I have an office chair to and I adjust the height when going between my soldering bench and the work bench..the work bench is just a bit higher. A couch and coffee table would be nice in my studio...hmmm...

  9. What fun to have a family member who is getting turned on to beading...wish that were true for me. I have an office chair, but I would love one of those ergonomically sound office chairs, they are like $800 (yikes!). Sometimes my kids steal the chair for jaunts on the internet, and then I am stuck with my childhood desk chair that is hard and wood and hurts my bum, makes me slouch. It ain't pretty. I always wondered about your stool... you should indeed invest in something that works better! We can't have you hurting for your art!
    Enjoy the day!

  10. Lori Michaud3/22/2010

    An ergonomic, adjustable stenographer's chair. That should take care of the problem!

  11. I have a sofa from Ikea. It's comfortable and folds out into a "bed" of sorts if company were to come calling. The best thing was that it was cheap and could be assembled in pieces. (When I got the sofa, I lived in a five flight walk-up in Brooklyn.)

    But the best thing about it is that I got someone on Etsy to inexpensively make a handmade slip-cover out of vintage fabrics. I think it made it more "Andrew" and less "Ikea".

  12. i myself have the couch/coffee table setup. doesn't work. gives you a hunchback. unless you sit on the floor. then your butt falls asleep.

  13. I sit in a comfy recliner and use a lap tray (mostly cuz my studio is still home to all the refugee stuff that was rescued from the Great Flood of '09).


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