Hello Friends

I realized I didn't really blog all weekend. I apologize for that. I guess I just didn't have a lot to say. Saturday I picked up Becky from rehab and we did a little shopping and went to Michaels for some supplies. Then enjoyed some down time at my house, enjoyed some coffee and Becky went through a bunch of my beads. She's gotta stop coming over, I keep sending her back with tons of goodies. I gave up a sweet Pinocean bead set that she adored, a new Lynn Davis pendant that she fell in love with,  some ribbon, and a strand of cool horn beads that I just got. :)
It's incredible to share an interest like beading with a family member. I'll have her hooked on art beads in no time.

Sunday I spen doing some jewelry. And then severely suffered from it all night from a hurting shoulder blade. My stool- uncomfortable. Jade Scott is trying to convince me that I need to put a couch with a lower coffee table in my studio- for a more comfy beading seat. I can't imagine getting a loveseat up the stairs to my room though. But I am seriously considering some sort of change, or I'll be crippled. What kind of seating do you have in your studios? Any suggestions?