Inspired by Owls

Remember how I was telling you yesterday about my hurting back? Well last night I asked Joe to lug upstairs my new leafy chair from Target so I could try this type of seat out instead. It was actually TONS better.  Although I'm not facing out the window at this point, this is the small table on the opposite side of the room, a lower table. I just brought over a few essentials to work on this necklace (below). My pliers, my bin of Vintaj brass, a bin of new beads, and my felty little pad for roll-away beads.   I think this might work out for a little while, but I may end up re-arranging the room again for the upteenth time so that this table is facing out the window.
This necklace design actually started out as a bracelet. The 2 strand section, and then I was planning on adding a third strand of brass chain. However I went a little nuts with the tying of knots, and it ended up to long. I don't know if you've ever tried take a knot out of waxed linen cording but it's pretty much flipping impossible. SO! luckily I started the whole thing with long enough strands of linen cording so I just changed my tune and a necklace it became! I actually really love how it turned out. I added one of my favorite new things from Green Girl Studios- the owl toggle. Especially after being all inspired after watching Molly and McGee and their new baby owl yesterday. See the live footage here.

Lampwork focal: Sue Beads
Lampwork round (cream with dots): Kelleys Beads
Faceted Aventurine
Coral glass seed beads
czech glass
purple horn beads
cream seeds
Owl toggle- GGS