Inspired by Owls

Remember how I was telling you yesterday about my hurting back? Well last night I asked Joe to lug upstairs my new leafy chair from Target so I could try this type of seat out instead. It was actually TONS better.  Although I'm not facing out the window at this point, this is the small table on the opposite side of the room, a lower table. I just brought over a few essentials to work on this necklace (below). My pliers, my bin of Vintaj brass, a bin of new beads, and my felty little pad for roll-away beads.   I think this might work out for a little while, but I may end up re-arranging the room again for the upteenth time so that this table is facing out the window.
This necklace design actually started out as a bracelet. The 2 strand section, and then I was planning on adding a third strand of brass chain. However I went a little nuts with the tying of knots, and it ended up to long. I don't know if you've ever tried take a knot out of waxed linen cording but it's pretty much flipping impossible. SO! luckily I started the whole thing with long enough strands of linen cording so I just changed my tune and a necklace it became! I actually really love how it turned out. I added one of my favorite new things from Green Girl Studios- the owl toggle. Especially after being all inspired after watching Molly and McGee and their new baby owl yesterday. See the live footage here.

Lampwork focal: Sue Beads
Lampwork round (cream with dots): Kelleys Beads
Faceted Aventurine
Coral glass seed beads
czech glass
purple horn beads
cream seeds
Owl toggle- GGS


  1. Thats a pretty and girly necklace Lorelei! Ive been watching Phoebe the hummer in southern CA but sadly her two eggs were non viable. It got pretty whoa when a big lizard came right near the nest...she was pretty upset after that. Ive also watched Molly a bit too didnt know her baby came...Ill have to go and check her out. Its amazing the live cams.

  2. PS Yea its too hard not to work near a window! You will end up back there lol.

  3. Green Girl products just keep getting better and better.

  4. I feel for you with your chair dilema, and will never forget my typing teacher instructing us how to sit in order to type better (feed on the floor, back and shoulders straight). She was right in that respect, but the chair makes all the difference.

    I love your pretty chair from Target and hope it does the job for you.

    The necklace is a beauty! I love all the colors and components!

  5. Love the new chair and I'm glad it's functional too! I feel for you. I have to torch standing up because my back is so bad. It's always awkward when I go elsewhere to teach, trying to get the setup just right.

  6. Look at how inspired you become when you aren't dealing with pain (actually, you are inspired all the time ;-)
    I wish I had a window...I am in the basement with little natural light. But I am a cave dweller at heart. Love the way this turned out. Such a pretty piece. Enjoy the day, Lorelei! Erin

  7. Glad you moved the chair - looks very comfy! Love what you did with the focal too!

  8. That chair looks almost exact to the one I have in my studio. I think you will find that you'll like it enough to keep it as your working chair.

  9. Anonymous3/23/2010

    GORGEOUS! I love the chair.. I sure do hope it helps your back. :)

  10. Anonymous3/23/2010

    Very clever of you to turn that bracelet into a necklace - and a gorgeous one at that! I just love the focal, and the way it picks up the colour of the aventurine beads!

  11. Love it! Didja see the new owl beads and charms over at Earthenwood? Check out her blog today!

  12. Hurt my back this weekend too. Herniated discs - chairs make all the difference.

  13. I love that necklace! It's a perfect recovery from a bracelet-gone-long. haaaaaaa

  14. Glad your back is better. I am LOVING your jewelry. Must. build. the. inventory. (if you know what I mean) I'm drooling. :)

  15. Like the chair. I have one similar to that from Ikea.

    As a long time sufferer of Repetitive Strain Injury (both arms) I learned the hard way that good ergonomic (office) chairs and tables that you can set at the height suitable for you, are very important.

    If this set up works for you that is fine, but is seems like the chair is too low (angle between upper en lower leg should be 90 degrees) for starters. There are no arm rests on you chair, which you need to support your arms (and shoulders). Also I wonder if the back offers enough support.

    Anyway, good luck with finding what works for you.

  16. I looove that necklace! I love the texture and mix of beads. Beautiful!

  17. Beautiful necklace!
    I hope your back feels better. (Do you have someone help you rearrange?)


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