It's my shop and I can have a Sale if I want to.

details:  all jewelry has already been discounted by $8 bucks.
Sale only lasts til Tues Mar 16
i am having this sale because i just keep making jewelry
and the old stuff is getting ignored... and i need to buy
some stones for my stash so i can try to make something new for a change.
do i need to explain the sale?
no. i should not need to.

happy shopping.


  1. You go girl! Everything is gorgeous hope you sell lots of your pretties!


  2. Spring and sale - they go together perfectly! And the stash needs attention...

  3. Mel Mel3/12/2010

    OH NO !!!! I've been chasing that "Dreamsicle" necklace around for so long and someone beat me to it. WAH!!!! I've got my eye on another piece though.

  4. Yay ! Love a sale ... I've been in store and done very nicely - thanks Lorelei... Vicki

  5. Love your rationale, so true... Good luck with the sale!

  6. AHH. Sounds just like me. Have been working all week on my website, adding a FB page for Deerwoman Designs, hoping to get some fans of course. But I hear ya. I want to buy beads so bad, but I've got to make more and sell it, and also sell the old things too before I can justify it.


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