Let it Go

"By Letting Go it all gets done"
(copper tag from Jennifer Stumpf)

A mantra I should follow a bit more often.

Lovely little Mika Collins Lampwork beads (pinocean)

That's not like me to use so many in one piece.

 Funky wire clasp.

Looks nice on- feels super comfortable.


  1. Lovely! A mantra we should all follow. Life would be so much more... peaceful :D

  2. super cool! love the copper half-cuff. very unique, awesome beads! when you let go, you WIN!!

  3. It may be weird to say this, but, I am in love with your jewelry! Your designs are so inspiring and unique.

  4. Love the bracelet, but I am such a control freak I have a feeling it would burn me if I tried to wear it LOL!

  5. love the copper mixed with the colorful beads! genius :)


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