Mental Health Day

Sometimes I just need a mental health day.
So yesterday I took the day off from work.
My morning was pretty much the same as always.
At 10 I went to the mall. No one to rush me. No one to hassle me
about spending too much money. No agenda. No time limits!
I actually bought some clothes for a change.
Normally all my money goes towards beads.

After a bit of a shopping spree- bought 2 t shirts, and 3 long sleeved shirts, some Lemon body wash and lip balm and a birthday present for my brother who turns 15 next week, I went home
and lazed on the couch and enjoyed  some excellent tv- The Fashion Police from the Academy Awards,
and some Giuliana and Bill- I get sucked into any reality tv.

About 4pm, I headed to the store and got stuff to make Chili.
Cooked Dinner.
and then did some jewelry, the 2 pieces you see here.

It was a nice and relaxing day. I'd recommend that kind of day to anyone
that's been feeling a little bit down.
yes, I've been feeling a bit down.
But I'm on the mend.


  1. Everyone needs a mental health day...I think that this should be a national holiday! I could use one myself--since I'm just coming down with a cold. But, since I work one job and own my own retail won't happen anytime soon!
    Love the 2 new pieces--especially the brown, cream and turquoise necklace.
    Bead Happy!

  2. I agree, everyone needs one of those days every once in a while!

  3. I love your Freudian slip in the title - Metal health day instead of mental ;-). I knew in any case you would use some beautiful metal elements in your pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad you had a day to yourself!

  5. Good idea to take the day off then! I had a screwed up yesterday, too... just didn't feel my normal happy self. Well I guess that would have to do with Aunt Flow coming for a visit. Today I feel 360 degrees different. Amazing isn't it? Hope you're feeling re-freshed, too. I love the piece with all the lampwork! Yay beads! :)

  6. Ach gee you continue to Amaze with your creativity!Well done well done well done! Hey I made a great fruity~necklace with ZULEYKHA'S polymer fruits. She was in the bead Soup party remember her? Go have a lookie on my page! Your a wonderful Inspiration Lorelei!

  7. I think it was time well spent. Awesome work

  8. Good for you Miss Lorelei! I think I need one of those. But with my big purchase yesterday (an antique Hamilton printer's cabinet in excellent condition!) I think that I will have to wait on that. But it is a-comin', because the blues moved in right along with the rain today. The ice is thawing on the river, but my soul is cloudy. Such wonders you have made. Even in a blue funk you are productive and creative! Such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing, dear.
    Enjoy the day!

  9. I forgot to say...I hope your feeling better Lori. Erins right even in a funk you really shine! Yup. Thats always wonderful therapy~~~shopping!
    Janet ox

  10. That's too bad that you were feeling down, but glad that you are feeling better!

    It makes me feel better to hear that other people have done this (taken a day off from work when they are just feeling blue). Lately I've had some hard days as well, and have wanted to stay home but just didn't feel right about it because I wasn't "sick." But hearing that other people do that too makes me feel better about it. So, thanks!

  11. Love the necklaces, especially the one with Cindy's glass rings. How you are feeling better, I think we are all ready for spring around here.

  12. I'm glad you're on the mend. I'm on the mend as well. And lounging around and spending money has helped a bit. I completely understand. However, I don't have a TV... I wonder if maybe that's missing from my therapy :P

    I love the first necklace... what kind of ribbon is that that you've paired with the chain?

  13. HI Rose!
    That ribbon is like this really cool silk knotted ribbon that I found on my recent trip to London a few months ago. I went to this really fantastic trimmings store, and that had spools of this ribbon. I am quickly running low on it... which is too bad since I'd have to go all the way to London to get more.

  14. what fun! I'm relaxed just reading about your day of pleasure :)

  15. Mental health days rule! I probably take more than my fair share of them because they're so good!

    Love both of the designs and I think I may know of a more local source if you need more of that trim - I'd need to see a more closeup picture to be sure.

  16. I beliee in mental health days and Ice Cream...both help you just feel better!

    Take care,


  17. Glad you're on the mend...and had such a great "down day" for yourself. Being in the school that I'm in I have a ton of time that I'm not fully engaged in work or studying, so reality tv has hit me hard. But, so has beading and blogging...many thanks to you for your continued inspiration, even on your bad days. :) Jen
    p.s. I think the ads are a great idea...I've already been out browsing and shopping and finding new faves!

  18. These two pieces are sure beautiful and I'm glad your 'me day' worked out well, I'm also in need of a 'me day' which I hope to get next week Friday when I go to a craft fair all on my lonesome, yes!

  19. Sorry to hear you are feeling down but glad you took the bull by the horns and had a "me" day. I agree with Kella....a good craft fair or a ladies bead night with friends always cheers me up, too. Cheers to your creative pieces. Take care.


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