Mental Health Day

Sometimes I just need a mental health day.
So yesterday I took the day off from work.
My morning was pretty much the same as always.
At 10 I went to the mall. No one to rush me. No one to hassle me
about spending too much money. No agenda. No time limits!
I actually bought some clothes for a change.
Normally all my money goes towards beads.

After a bit of a shopping spree- bought 2 t shirts, and 3 long sleeved shirts, some Lemon body wash and lip balm and a birthday present for my brother who turns 15 next week, I went home
and lazed on the couch and enjoyed  some excellent tv- The Fashion Police from the Academy Awards,
and some Giuliana and Bill- I get sucked into any reality tv.

About 4pm, I headed to the store and got stuff to make Chili.
Cooked Dinner.
and then did some jewelry, the 2 pieces you see here.

It was a nice and relaxing day. I'd recommend that kind of day to anyone
that's been feeling a little bit down.
yes, I've been feeling a bit down.
But I'm on the mend.