Sneekle Peakle

I've been having fun creating creating creating but without any feedback, it's been a tough coupla days. I decided to show you a small sneak peak of what's to come later this week after the big sale is over. (big sale ends TUES evening!)

 Butterfly pendant: Jade Scott
Ceramic focal- Lisa Peters Art
Beaded beads: Marcie Abney
Lucite, glass, prehnite, ribbon

Ceramic focal: Lisa Peters Art
Lampwork glass discs: Ellen Dooley
Ceramic nuggets: Npk Beads
Pewter toggle: Green Girl Studios
Chain, glass rings, buttons

Poppy beads: Ellen Dooley
Ceramic ladybug: Earthenwood Studio
Polymer toggle bar: Humblebeads

Copper findings, Glass beads

Ceramic connector: Lisa Peters Art
Ceramic lentil: Elaine Ray
Ceramic nuggets: Mary Ann Carroll
Bronzite, Banana Seed, chain

 Also: While I was blog hopping this morning I found a great post on taking photographs of  jewelry. Brandi is a blogger that I recently started following, and this post is super helpful so I thought I would pass that info on to you!! Especially since I follow a lot of the same techniques. ENJOY!  Read the article here.


  1. Hey Lorelei, the link for Brandi doesn't work for me - what's the blog name?
    Love the necklace with the pewter toggle by Green Girl!

  2. Pretty! I especially like the way you combine fiber and metal in the first piece!

  3. Love it all! Especially the peacock one!

  4. hi claire.
    here's the link
    it should work now... i think!?

  5. I am loving the one with the ribbon. You really connected the colors throughout the piece.

  6. Wow, you have been very creative! So gorgeous - I love your style!

    I visited Brandi's blog...thank you for sharing her post with us!

    I've got to refocus my photography, it's not my forte but necessary for hopefully selling jewelry...I must allow the jewelry to speak for itself in the photos...

    Thank you!


  7. ooOOOoo... nice work!! Very beautiful:)

  8. I love these pieces! So pretty, and I love the mix of beads.

    Thanks also for the blog mention! I hope this helps others a little with their own photos.

  9. All so favorite is the second necklace. :-)

  10. Love all of them....I'm going to add this awesome necklace to my website ;o) Mary Ann

  11. I love them all and a huge thank you for the tips on blogging and etsy and taking pictures. It is so nice of you to share.

  12. I like the second necklace with buttons & pewter.

  13. They are all beautiful but that first one with it's rich reds and blues have me hankering.

  14. Thanks for sharing. I especially like all the necklaces with excellent photos.


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