Yes -Stitched Focal - Jade Scott
Patina heart and chain- MissFickleMedia
Handmade copper wire clasp

Random thoughts:
T to the G to the I to the F! woot!
It's like I work just to get to the weekends lately. Seriously. I'd much rather be beading and creating.

Cute Jade Scott focal huh? She's making them for the next update (i think?) and she sent me a few to play around with. Wasn't that nice of her?? I love this one, it's stitched in seafoam green: Yes
I want to be a YES girl.

I am curious, have the ads been popular? are you clicking the ads? finding new favorite shops? and for the vendors: getting any traffic yet? Noticeable traffic? sales??

Going to a brewery tour tonight at Saranac, with my husband. It would totally be like date night, if Joe hadn't made plans after to go to his buddies house to watch march madness basketball.

Tomorrow I'm picking my Aunt up. She's at rehab. We'll probably do some beading or something. She's new at beading. She's always been so creative. You should see her little encaustic wax paintings. They are pretty amazing.

It's almost time for Doughnuts- friday is doughnut day at the museum. I'm craving a glazed.

I bought some more matte stones recently. I hope they come soon. I'm also waiting for a large order from Beads N Pieces. Such a great website for natural seeds,wood, stones, and anything you can think of.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so pretty.
    That jade, she sure is something special!

    I am preparing a report for you, I just need another week. It is interesting....

    Love your weekend plans. Beading saved me when I fought off addiction in 1994. Keeps the mind occupied and the hands busy. I will be thinking about your aunt.

  2. YES!
    Someday I will be lucky enough to score some Jade Scott. I hear it is a feeding frenzy.
    I do think that those ads compliment you perfectly. And I appreciate knowing they are there so that I can find exactly what I need. And I have found new sources through you all the time. Thanks for the link to Beads N Pieces too!
    Do they have cake donuts with sprinkles? That is the only donut for me.
    Enjoy the beady weekend, Miss L!

  3. this is an awesome the "yes" focal!
    i have found many great bead artists thru your ads on the side...thanks!

  4. I love that piece! So fun! Plus, I'm a fan of the ads...I've been shopping at a couple of new spots since they arrived. :)

    You have great taste in beads/findings/etc and know good businesses. Plus, I know you'd use them for yourself so I trust a vendor when you recommend them.

  5. I've especially enjoyed the ads and links to Etsy shops. The size of Etsy can be overwhelming, but I know that you've picked out the good ones! :D


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