A Cool Collaboration

I am at it again. Except this time, I'm doing it right and only collaborating with 1 person instead of 5 others. Don't know if you remember the ol' Necklace Round Robin I hosted? Yea well, unfortunately that was a bust and we never got our necklaces back from the last designer. Soooo Sad. :(  But anyway, I don't dwell. Instead, I do it again. With a friend.
               This necklace start shown here, should be arriving at KJ's (Silver Parrot) doorstep any day now.

We decided we would each create a partial piece of jewelry and then send the start to each other, finish them and keep that one for ourselves. So KJ is keeping this beauty and I'll be keeping what she sends to me.
On her start, I used a new stitched Jade Scott pendant, cute and oval with little holes for extra doo-dads to be added. A vintage shank button in the coolest shape I have ever seen. I wire wrapped some amber colored glass beads, and a few Apatite nuggets. Added a few pieces of chunky copper chain. And those links, I bought on Etsy, and embelished them with some brass tube beads. I even added one of my new little owl tags!! So cute!

I can't wait to see what she sends to me. She tells me that she is waiting for special things to show up in the mail so she can work on creating something special. That gives me chills. I would what that could mean? I'm wondering maybe if she's going to be incorporating this new profound obsession with Ice Resin into what she's creating.  Well stay tuned to each of our blogs, I'll show what I get from her. Then show it again when I finish it. And she will do the same. Aren't you excited!? I definitely recommend doing these little collaborative swaps. Gets the creative juices flowing and stretches the imagination!!

Looking forward to this day being over. My sister Franny, is going to come up and is arriving today, to stay a few days. We are finally going to be able to celebrate her 20th birthday which was last weekend. I got her some cool things. I can't wait to give them to her. And I made her something too. Which, I KNOW she's gonna love. You probably notice Fran comments on every single piece of jewelry I post on Facebook. She loves everything. She might just be my biggest fan ever. ;)

  (p.s.the twice a week updates will start NEXT wednesday.... until then there will be little trickles of additions to the shop today, maybe tomorrow, maybe sunday, too)