Custom Jewelry Tags and a few other things...

A few months ago, I contacted D'Arsie at Mamacita Beadworks and asked her if she would be willing to make me some custom jewelry tags in pewter. D'Arsie embraced this request and look what showed up in my mailbox yesterday! >OmG!<  Can you hear me squeeeeling!?? 
I could not be happier with these. One side features my signature little owl... and the other, my initials! So perfect, and so me. I absolutely love them, and I can't wait to start using them. I'll probably use them on larger art pieces, probably not every bracelet. But you never know. The idea that I can always get more when I need them made up, just makes me giddy.
Finally, a wonderful thing I can add to my designs that will make my piece stand out as an "original". You can't beat that! with a  Bat! Nope!

Let's see, other news... I will be away for Easter starting Saturday. Shop will stay open, I'll be checking emails and messages but won't be blogging. We'll be coming back Monday. Purchases made in my store will be shipped Tuesday. For the Easter holiday, I think I'll mark down a few things and have a little sale section in my shop, so check that out sometime tomorrow...

Oh, Check out the new ads I added this morning! I added some really great and new advertisements from some excellent online artists. You definitely want to check them out.  If you make art beads, and are interested in getting some ad space from me, shoot me an email! I will send you some information.
That's it for today... enjoy your Thursday!