Earring Swap 2010

just so you know who got what:

1. Natasha
2. Mari
3. Erin
4. Jeannie
5. Auntie Annie
6. Tari
7. Betty
8. Carlene
9. Susan
10. Boot-c
11. Mary Ann Carroll
12. Bahama Dawn
13. Rosanne G.
14. Diana P. - vintage blue
15. Sue Beads
16. Crafty Hope
17. Leslie G.
18. Spirited Earth
All earrings have been taken!! better luck next time!

I do have a lot of beads, but I'm boooored. I want something new! And this swap was a huge hit last year so I thought I would do it again. SURPRISE!! 
One pair per participant! You will pick a pair of earrings, and leave a comment below this post for the number you want. After all earrings are chosen, I will contact you via email and we'll exchange addresses. We'll then send out our goods. Please THINK IT THROUGH if you want to participate. I have no tolerance for someone that picks earrings, but then doesn't feel like sending me anything in return.  You will be responsible for following through!!



1. Pick ONE pair of earrings. Please pick one. Leave a comment on this post and tell me you want to participate and that the pair you chose is___. Important tip: Take notice of the COMMENTS to see which earrings have been chosen already!

2. This time, International traders are WELCOME!

3. This is a trade, so you must send me something in return. Some of the earrings here use Artisan made beads. Some do not. You decide what you think would be an even trade for the earrings, and send what you want.

4. I am looking for swaps of Beads: Stones, glass, Buttons, ceramics, clay, pewter, keys, wood, Czech glass, Lucite- whatever you've got that you think I could incorporate into jewelry would be awesome. I do not have a color preference.

Pendants or focals will also be cool!

5. You must leave your email address so that I can contact you to exchange mailing addresses.
My email (if you'd rather just send me your address directly) is LJEurto[at]gmail[dot]com.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for playing along!


  1. I would like #10. I have lots of vintage plastic beads my great aunt collected & passed on to me, I think you would like some of those~we can talk about colour choices.

  2. Pair # 5. I will send you some beads from my stash...plus, I will send you a pair of seed beaded earrings that I have made (hoops - you can give me an idea of colors OK?

  3. This looks like a wonderful swap..i would love to participate
    the pair i choose is #18

  4. YAY!! this is going to be so much fun! I would like earring pair #12
    my email is kimberkitty12@yahoo.com.
    thanks! :)

  5. I like to participate. My choose...#2. I want to know if you like to swap with beaded beads make by me. I love to make beaded beads or everything with seed beads!!!

  6. I would love to participate and would like number 17! My email is lgidden@att.net. Yay! Thanks so much!


  7. I would like #13 please! You know I have some treasures I'll send.


  8. If I can participate, I love #4. I have some PC beads in the works. Right now my mind is not cooperating with my hands though.

  9. I wanna play!
    I LOVE #16. I've got all kinds of stuff (seed beads, buttons, focals, whatever) that I could send you. Plus I just de-stashed and haven't quite been able to part with everything yet.

  10. Hey Lorelei!
    I have loads of beads to swap with!
    And I am smitten with houses of late. I would love #3

    Enjoy the day!

  11. Hey, I'm not too late this time! I'd love # 8 please and I will send wonderful goodies!
    So sweet of you to do this again-these swaps are so fun:)


  12. I'd love #15 if it's still available!

  13. wow! You ladies are FAST!!
    yes i'll take beaded beads, Mari!

    i updated the photo, to show you what's spoken for up til now.

  14. I would like any of the following (since they are going rapidly) - 1,9 or 11 - I would be happy to trade some hand-made felt beads - embroidered or not. I can easily make you a focal bead.


  15. Hey Lorelei, if #14 is still available I'd love to send you some of my ceramic beads and some vintage beads to swap for them!

    vintagebluestudio @ yahoo.com

  16. goodness lorelei these are great and i can't make up my mind. if there is any left, can you asign it to me!?!?

  17. I would LOVE #1 but would also like #7.

    I have lots of extra goodies and this would be a perfect way to share them.

  18. please try your best and ONLY Pick ONE! It makes it easier for me! and hurry! they are almost gone!

  19. or #9 (third choice)


  20. Tari! pick one!!! 6 7 or 11

  21. I'll take #11! msmaryann60@gmail.com What a great idea!!

  22. What a great idea! I would love number 14, if not taken. Have buttons think you might enjoy using.



  23. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! ALL EARRINGS ARE NOW SPOKEN FOR!! if you missed a chance, and you really really are sad, and still want to play along, I'll see what i can do, email me.

  24. Rats, rats, rats... I thought I was early.

  25. Well darn. That is what I get for going on a walk at lunch and not reading blogs.
    This was awesome idea!

  26. Hmmmm--bad things happen when you live out west and don't check your blog friends early!!! You totally miss out :-( So, Lorelei, can you tell me what bead you used in earring number 7 ?? Thanks. CJ

  27. cj- those are Czech glass, they have a nice mottled painted effect.

    email me, i'd be willing to swap!!

  28. Ohh pick me please!!!! I will send you some of my goodies.... Plus, I am going to one of cnetral Florida's biggest bead shows this Saturday the first! I can't wait! Oh, my email is laynedasher@gmail.com, and like #2 thanks...


  29. That is a wonderful fun thing to do! I was looking for your blog entry this morning and looking then you posted when I stopped looking lol. Ach well everyone will have alot of fun!

  30. hey swappers!
    if I haven't heard from you yet, you need to send your mailing addresses via email ljeurto[at]gmail[dot]com!



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