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We are headed out the door this morning for the Holiday weekend. I am sitting here with my morning coffee and am thinking about what you might want to see on the blog today.  Last night I was chatting with KJ of Silver Parrot, and realized how fun it was to just swap links on stuff we bought this past week. I thought well, if that's fun for me, that would probably be fun for a reader like you, too. So I thought I'd show off some of my recent bead purchases.

Raku Rounds, Kelleys Beads

Happy Tears, glass head pins from Gardanne Beads

Bumpy Bead set, Jasio

Mr. Fox, Humblebeads

Pop Bottle Cap Buttons, Fluxplay

Night Song Focal, Humblebeads

Minerals Stones, Crazy Cat Glass

Ceramic Mug, Coasters, and Plate, Eri Pottery

Might I add, that this new pottery is just absolutely BRILLIANT in design.
Eri makes incredible work, I love the details on her pieces.
They are lightweight, and thin, and gorgeous and textural. You HAVE to check out Eri's Shop.
It's really great!

So what did you buy this week?? Show me some links!

See you all on Tuesday! Have a great holiday!


  1. Wonderful stuff!! Your new pottery is gorgeous. Enjoy:)

  2. You got some amazing new stuff! I love the lampwork glass. I thought you might want to check out some of my friend Amanda's boro glass. http://seashoreglass.etsy.com there is not too much in her shop right now, but her stuff is amazing!!

  3. Anonymous4/03/2010

    Oh, I love that Humblebeads focal! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

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  5. Janet said again grrr..
    Mail time is wonderful! Am always peeking in the box for an envelope! I bought some buttons from this great Seller Buttoncrazy:
    http://www.etsy.com/shop/Buttoncrazy she sends great buttons. I bought a jumping pony from Beaddlady: http://www.etsy.com/shop/beadlady. Shes one of the fastset people I know to ship...she must use lightning post!


  6. those headpins are amazing! never seen that before. love the crazy cat glass beads too--yummy! have to check that shop. i have those raku beads--love the mauve/lilac in them.

  7. GailW.4/04/2010

    I love those headpins,also.I love going to the mailbox,hoping there are beads in it every day.I bought a mum from Heather,2 pairs of beads from Suebeads,and just bought some wonderful things from Melanie at Earthenwood.Something else,but I forgot what it is.Where do you find the time to find these jewels on the internet?Do you really have a job?haha.:)

  8. Gail W.- that's MY problem- too much time staring at delicious supplies on the net! And then I'm drowning in supplies, thinking when will I ever be able to finish all my projects.... But then, when I'm tired of making and go upstairs to bed, the computer calls to me... and I'm back to my old ways again.
    I got some lovely blood red faceted briolettes for super cheap here:

    some gorgeous opalite flowers here:

    some slobber-worthy pyrite chunks and freshwater coins

    but my best haul came from the street markets of uruguay:

  9. Loving those glass headpins.

  10. Lucky cat, you got some goodies!

    The verification code is "ingletio" and you know what the first thing that comes to mind is: GELATO from Ingles.

  11. I bought earthy, unusual porcelain beads in turquoise, yellow and red organic stripes from Wynnewoods Gallery and Bead Store in Port Townsend, WA. http://www.wynwoods.com/

  12. You got some great stuff - as always. I already showed you mine LOL!

  13. Oh, Lorelei! I am in love with that pottery. It's the perfect color and style. I'll have to give Eri a look-sie. I spent a few hundred dollars on gems this week. Yikes! And I bought them right before BeadFest Wire. What was I thinking???

  14. Thank you for writing about my works! I'm very glad you like my pieces :-)

    You bought new nice beads! I'm looking forward to jewelries from them. I also want to try to jewelry parts with my pattern some day..., but it looks difficult!!

  15. Hi Eri!
    My goodness, I would just LOVE it if you could put your talents into beads! I think that would be fantastic. I totally have faith in you that you could do a wonderful job. You should definitely try, even if it's just around flat pendants!!
    Would love to see anything you come up with!


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