Friday Finds on Saturday

I enjoy the Spring time season and put together a nice collection of Spring inspired pendants for you for this week's Friday Finds! ( I know, it's Saturday, there was a bit of a snafu.)
Check in at Art Bead Scene every other week, because Friday Finds will be a regular bi-weekly post- starting next Friday!
Happy Shopping!
1. Birdie Embroidered Pendant: Jade Scott
2. Woodburnt Tree pendant: Popcorn Tree
3. Printed Porcelain Pendant Circles Medallion Pattern: Joan Miller Porcelain
4. Textured Porcelain Pendant in Cornflower and Green: Round Rabbit Extra
5. Wooden Butterflies: Pork Chop Show
6. Flower Fabric Pendant: MyHeartBeads4U
7. Dragonfly Go Go Pendant: Every Heart Crafts
8. Nightengale Charm- Lynn Davis
9. Thorns- Gabriel
10. Wild Daisy in Pink Heart- Mary Harding Jewelry
11. Porcelain Pendants with Fused glass- Sea Urchin
12. Flying Heart Pendant- Song and Branch
13. Silver Bezel Pendant- Swoon Dimples
14. Textile Beads- Kjoo
15. 4 Loop Tulip connector- Artisan Clay
16. Zinnia Embossed Shield- Classic Bead


  1. Thanks for sharing these links. I always like to discover something new. Looking forward to your regular ABS post! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Oh my gosh! The textile beads are my favorite. $60 though :( Still, such pretty finds :D

    Thank you for sharing those!

  3. Nice shops! I just bought the other day a beautiful flying song bird from Song and branch! The owls she makes are awesome too. I bet you bought some! I bet the weather is lovely your neck of the woods...go on a Picnic and have a great day Lori!

  4. Great array of spring choices. I am so pleased to be among them. This has been an early spring in the Northeast and almost every one has Spring Fever.

  5. Pretty collection! Thank you so much for including my dragonfly pendant! Love, ya!

  6. Anonymous4/19/2010

    thanks for the props yo ;)


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