Good Friday

Isn't every Friday, a Good Friday?

This new lovely is setting sail today, and making it's way
to the Bahamas. How appropriate, with one of Jade's Scott's
Sailboat pendants. Together, Kimberly and I designed
this double stranded necklace, in my new favorite hand-knotting
Linen cording technique. Boy I can tie knots fairly quickly now.

So it's Easter Weekend! WOOT!  As a kid, I LOOOOVED Easter. My parents made it so fun for me. Hiding eggs was a sport for them. Not only did they hide the eggs, but each egg found, had a really crazy, and zany clue to find the next egg. At the end of the hunt, was finally the basket.  They were also always good about getting me a nice toy or gift along with the basket of goodies. I miss those days. How come I can't convince Joe that he needs to continue this little tradition for me?
Easter was never really about Church for me, growing up. My parents didn't attend Church. But as a married adult, I go to Catholic Church on Easter Sunday with my husband and his family. It's come to be our new tradition, and luckily with my neice and nephew, the fun of hiding eggs and big easter baskets and toys, is still prevalent too!

My easter gift to you... I've marked down a few Eastery pieces of jewelry, in my shop. Go here to see the Easter sale section. AND enjoy FREE SHIPPING all weekend! Starting TODAY!

Good Friday!!