Goodies from the past week

I don't have any new jewelry to show you today. I REALLY want to show you what I made last night but it's probably not kosher to show off jewelry that was made for a pretty big competition... so you'll have to wait. Which is really too bad, because according my lovely hubsand, he thinks I'mma gonna win. Awww isn't he sweet? If only he knew what jewelry "wins"- it's a lot more fabulous than mine!

So instead I thought I'd show off some of my goods from the past week.

First up, more of Kelley's Eggs. I can't help it, they are just so gorgeous!! I loved the new brown and white. I guess she made some more last night. I am gonna be so broke. (shaking head in shame)

This is one of Pam's new pieces. Pam's shop is so great- Indian Creek Studios. If you haven't checked it out yet, go now. It's so rustic. I love all of her work. I bought this little owl pendant, along with some beads that are just fantastic.

 I saw this and immediately hit the purchase button. Heather Wynn's components are some of the few that I will really splurge on.  No matter the price. I love how she did 2 colors of poly clay on this pendant, and there are nice little links at the bottom to hang little treasures on!

This is a sticker book that I got from Yaelfran. I have had a sticker addiction since I was 11 years old. (Probably longer) I have always been a Mrs. Grossman's Sticker fan, and I love to peruse the sticker aisle at Michael's. Lately my packaging process includes jewelry packaged in a nice brown Kraft gift box. Wrapped with some adorable Washi tape like this,  and then a nice little focal sticker on top of the box. It's a simple packaging technique but it works well for me, it's quick, and I can change my mood depending on the sticker I use. These stickers feature artwork from 8 Etsy artists!

This enamel bangle set was a gift to myself. I swear I need more jewelry like I need a hole in the head but I just couldn't resist the totally cute bangle sets at Bullfinch Barbury. Lia made this set especially for me, wait. did I already tell you about this? Deja Vu.

Anyway, those are some of things that I bought. Now here are a few things that I am coveting this week...

Cutie little bird house from royroadfishcompany

OH OH OH! I love this clutch from Waterstone Jewelry

Love that these earrings are named Lorelei, from
CERAMIC KEYS! OMG!! Could these be any cuter?!
Find them at Mudaliscious

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!


  1. Everything looks so yummy! I love that "great creative minds" all start with sticker books! haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. All great stuff!! My favorites: Kelley's Egg beads, your new bangle set and those ceramic keys! Very cool!

  3. I had gotten some of those ceramic keys too - can't wait to use them!

  4. Looooove the little bird house

  5. A Nice collection of Lovely things Lorelei! Have a great happy day too!

  6. I love the stickers too. What a great way to support other artists.

  7. Love the goodies you posted...At some point, I will have to make a mental note to skip these posts...only because they have a tendency to lead to shopping...I saw the Heather Wynn goodie and figured that meant she had some new items posted...

    But, thanks for sharing! And good luck with the winner of a necklace!

  8. what a great mix of things! (and thanks!) Cannot wait to see what you do with them!

  9. Great finds!! I love the keys!! TFS

  10. You have the best taste! I love it all! Good luck with your competition!


  11. Anonymous4/28/2010

    you are such a doll! thank you for the support :)

  12. Wow! I'm feeling an enormous amount of honor spreading throughout that you are coveting one of my wristlets! You are such a sweetie. I must say that I'm, one by one, going down the list of things you have here and doing a little coveting myself. Thanks for the mention and for the list.

  13. I love the sticker wrapping idea. I don't know how you do it all - make jewelry, videos, blog, search for treasures, work, etc. etc. You are so inspiring!

  14. Suddenly this really strong urge appeared in me ... I want to go shoooooppppping

  15. Wonderful finds! Love the purse, and everything else.

    Oh, weird. My word verification is....cucksts.
    I'm serious. It really is. I am totally reading it wrong due to dyslexia.

  16. hey, thanks for the feature! what a surprise! it brought lots of traffic to my shop yesterday, thanks so much. =)


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