Last Call

It's getting warm out.
Spring is upon us. I hope.
We have been known to get snow in April.
I am praying that doesn't happen.

Didn't know if you noticed, there were some things marked down
for the Easter weekend.  They are still marked down.
and I marked a few MORE things down this morning.
Today is the LAST CALL.

If these items don't sell by the end of TODAY,
they are being yanked from the shop and
taken to the gift shop at the Museum.

Better run over and check out the sale section.

[if i type this out, it will make it true.]
I have said it before to my friends, (KW) that I want to
start updating my shop just certain days of the week
instead of every day. Not only is that wearing me out
but with the nice weather coming, I need to get away
from this computer and exercise my quickly-increasing-
in- size ass.  So.
To start out, I will update my shop starting next week, on Wednesdays
and Sundays. That sounds good. Twice a week.
I am going to try doing yoga in the mornings which is
going to impede on my listing schedule for the early morning
so I may wait and list in the evenings instead.
And we are probably not JUST talking about like 3 things.
I'll probably have fairly sizeable updates on those 2 days.
I can't help it. AND now I have a bajillion Jade Scott pendants
on their way to me, so I'll be cranking it out Jade Scott style
for a while!
in all seriousness.
I need to lose weight. I don't feel good in my clothes. and
I am hoping it helps my self esteem a little bit and improves
my health so that getting preggers might happen a bit quicker.
Wish me luck.


  1. Get on it girl! You know you've got our support.

  2. Sounds like a great, enjoyable plan!

  3. I am certainly supporting you in this, i also recently had to be honest with myself and admit I didn't like the extra weight I recently found myself carrying around.

    So began yesterday my daily hour long bike rides, that i plan to aim for minus wet days (blech! i hate to ride in the wet).

    So good luck on both fronts, I'm rooting for yah!!

  4. Hello! I think this is a great idea!! I really want you to feel better soon! I too have changed some things in my life and excercising was one of them.....hope to soon try yoga or meditation! Good luck and I hope you know everyone supports you and cares for you! Take care!


  5. As a master yoga instructor, I know Yoga is an excellent place to start your fitness journey. So luck and eat healthy.

  6. Yoga is wonderful excersise when you are pregnant. And another tip - start taking vitamin B supplements already. A good complex tablet. Less sickness in the beginning and generally good for health and energy for you and the baby. Boost intake of B12 folic acid, it is good for something pregnancy wise, i just can't remember what. I know they might give different advice in different countries, but it is worth checking up anyway. Good luck with everything all the way from Sweden!

  7. Yay! I'm so proud of you for putting it in writing! I think freeing up your mornings and listing twice a week is going to be a GOOD THING for you!

  8. swopemelmel4/07/2010

    You, take care of you and your true fans will support you, always. We love ya girl.

  9. I was just - 5 mins before seeing the link to this post on FB - telling Guy how you manage to update your shop every single day! And your blog and your flickr and who knows what else! And how I'm such a slacker that can't sit down for a few minutes (I know it takes more than a few but you know what I'm sayin!) ... to list some beads. But seriously I'm happy for you that you've chosen to get outdoors and ride that bike! And to do yoga! I had a burst of energy myself today. Went for a really good long walk with the dogs and mingled a bit at the horse farm with Guy - not in a rush to get back to the darn computer.... I know this will all be good for baby making! :)

  10. Yay - good on you Miss L! Spring is an excellent time to get those fitness plans going. Take it at your own pace and good luck :)

  11. yah, you need to make YOU a priority too!


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