A late addition

... this is a late addition to the shop. I made it last night and it was too dark to photograph so I am adding into the mix this morning. I know. See, I knew I couldn't keep my word about listing only twice  a week. Dang.
I just couldn't help it. This one turned out so pretty and I just had to get it out there for the perfect person to snag it.


  1. This is really pretty -very feminine and goes soooo well with your new blog banner.

  2. wow! As always I am drawn to the colors you choose to put together. Your component choices always give your jewelry a stunning look.
    Im Lovin it!

  3. I love the colors - such a sweet bracelet!

    :-) Molly

  4. Such lovely colours! And a very pretty bracelet to that.

  5. Love the blood red and pale aqua together! BTW, love your new blog banner.

  6. I like this template, it's soothing and it fits your aesthetic. Makes me want to stick around and read more!

    Lovely bracelet.


  7. thank you so much for the comments about my new template! It's nice and less busy and allows me to post really large pictures which I love!! I am glad that it's a hit!

  8. uh-oh!! they go with my earrings!!!
    very pretty!

  9. Well, it is REALLY pretty - of course you had to blog it right away! Love the color combo!

  10. That is so sweet! I love this one :) TFS

  11. Love the soft aquas and the daring red contrast, just right! Something I wouldn't have thought of :)
    BTW, isn't addiction to beads "normal"? It makes us happy, right?

  12. This is a beautifully soft piece which makes me think of water.

    And don't feel bad about falling off the wagon, just get back on again, its hard to break and to start new routines.

  13. Anonymous9/20/2010

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