Running out the door...

 These two lovelies just landed in my etsy shop.  The one above is another new design using one of Heather Wynn's quote sticks, this time paired with a Mamacita Beadworks pewter bird bead, and one of Jubilee's fun little ceramic house beads.

The necklace below features one of Barbara Fajardo's polyclay flower beads. I showed them on the blog awhile back and finally am getting around to using them now. I hand-knotted the beads onto brown waxed linen cording. A variety of different glass beads, with some wood rounds and nuggets, some fluted glass, a Kelley bead mixed in and some brown seeds. The clasp is a handmade wire clasp from  MissFickleMedia.

I am mailing out 7 packages of earrings this morning and hope to get more out the door by the end of today, if I can. If you are participating in the earring swap, you need to email me with your address!! Thanks!!!


  1. Love that necklace design using Heather Wynn's pendant. And the Barbara Farjado flower bead is GoRgEoUs! LOVE that pinwheel effect of the petals being tilted

  2. Oh the one with Heather Wynn's "you are my home" is just too sweet!

  3. These are gorgeous! Your work is amazing and I love the new beads.

  4. Adore the new designs!

    Your work is simply lovely!

  5. I'm not sure you got my email. Maybe it's in your spam folder

  6. Not sure you received my email either? Sent you my address, but haven't heard from you.

    Betty Stafford


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