Sunday Funday

Can you feel the excitement? Something big is brewing in the L.E. studio.... Here's a bit of a sneak peek of the earrings for the Big Earring Swap of 2010 (happening TOMORROW!)


The earring swap isn't for earrings. I'm swapping earrings for BEADS. So tune in tomorrow, around 12:00est Noon. (there are 18 pairs here!)

I filled some bezels this weekend. I made a couple of earring pairs using the Patera bezels from They turned out pretty cute, just using some scrapbook paper I had on hand. BUT, (can you hear me cursing all the way up here in NY)  one of the floral bezels got a bubble. It's my own fault, since I didn't babysit them for an hour after they were done.  So now I'm not sure what to do. Create earring with them anyway, and hope the buyer doesn't mind? Or just use one, and ditch the bubbled one?


I also filled my recent Owl bracelet. One of it's bezels also got an "after-thought" bubble. Dang it!! But it's still super cute. I shall try to make a couple more of these owl bracelets this upcoming week. I think my cousin Carey wants this one. :)


See you tomorrow for the big swap!