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Can you tell I was inspired by flowers last night? I am just totally smitten with Spring. I also wonder if I should have been a Florist. If I had to do it all again, I might consider it. The earrings that I am showing here, got scooped up already by another Flower Fanatic.  But the bracelet and the necklace both still available in the shop, in case you're interested.
I am excited to get the mail today. And tomorrow too. I have some really cute bracelets on their way to me. Enameled metal bangles from Bulfinch Barbury. Lia made me this custom set. I can't wait!
I am also waiting for some more bezels to come from Bello Modo... MORE RESIN PROJECTS this weekend!

And I ordered some really great egg beads from Kelley and I'll include them in my video tutorial that I have planned for Studio Saturday at the Art Bead Scene! Aren't you excited!!?? I AM!  or, I drank too much coffee today. That could be it.


  1. oooh...pretty! I love he way you worked the button on the front of the necklace. You are the Button Queen! And that little lotus flower lily pad earring set. Amazing! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Those earrings using Gardanne beads are too cool. No wonder they flew out of your shop faster than it took to get them listed!

    Can't wait to see what you do with my egg beads! I know it will be fantastic and can't wait to see another video tut from you!!!

  3. Lorelei

    You have a wonderful eye for design. Your sense of color and balance and whimsy are evident in all of your pieces. I'm also a fan of the photos you take of your work. always.


  4. Wow, beautiful jewellery AND photos! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the bracelet is cocked full of great neat things! Wonderful Creations Lorelei! Oh and those bracelets that are coming in the post are awesome.

  6. Great job on all of these! I desperately miss having the time to sit down and crank stuff out! I'm jealous!

  7. Very sweet - love the results of your flower phase - dont know how you find the time for creating so many gorgeous pieces - love the video too - nice to hear how our blog friends sound, and to learn some new techniques. Thanks, Vicki :)

  8. Love it all. It's just the essence of spring going on here.

  9. All gorgeous! I especially want to see what you do with those eggs!! I also wonder how you have so many new pieces, as if they just fly together. Oh, please, no, not the coffee!


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