Treat Your Momma Good

All jewelry in my Etsy shop has been discounted 20%, and I am offering free Domestic shipping til May 9th. Treat your Momma good this year and buy her something special that shows her that you care! There are some EXCELLENT deals in the shop and new stuff will slowly trickle into the shop every few days.
Got something specific in mind for her? Shoot me a convo and we'll work out some custom orders too! I'm game!
Thanks for stopping in today. It's been quite the week... my husband is sick and some weird thing is going on with this ankles, they are both swollen up to the size of baseballs. He can hopefully get into the Pediatrist today.
Looking forward to tomorrow, I'm going up to see Kerry for the day. We have lots of fun things planned and will probably blog all about it this weekend.   TGIF. whew!

p.s. Stop looking at that guy's butt. I know it's cute and everything, but daaaaang.