Warmly Welcomed Weekend

 Stamped pendant- Swoondimples
Pewter Owl bead- Green Girl Studios
Ceramic ring- Round Rabbit Extra
Small amber lampwork headpins- Gardanne Beads
Pewter owl signature tag- Mamacita Beadworks

It's probably not fair to show this necklace to you, since it sold so quickly yesterday. My cousin Carey snatched up as soon as she saw it on Facebook. I'm not sure if you knew that I used Facebook so much but when I list new items I usually upload the pictures to FB FIRST before I put them on Etsy. You can request my friendship (just tell me who you are!) at my Facebook page.

I love how this necklace turned out. It had originally started out as a lariat style necklace. I was going to have the long bar pendant wire wrapped below the owl bead, at one end of chain. And the ceramic ring at the other end of the long chain. Then the Pendant would slip down through the ceramic ring and the necklace would be all lariat-fied. But I have trouble with this style. The weight of the pendant compared to the weight of the ceramic ring, made it not lay right. It was all wonky. SO after playing around with long enough, I got created and decided horizontal was the way to go.  

I got really brave and drilled my own hole into the end of the bar pendant with my bead reamer. THAT was scary! I had done that once before with one of Humblebeads' Dogwood flower pendants and the darn thing broke because I drilled the hole too close to the edge! I was so heart-broken. I drilled the Heather Wynn pendant slooooowly and prayed the whole time.   In the end it worked out and I think this piece rocks. The chain in my favorite too. I got it at Limabeads.com. And used one of my new little owl signature tags. I placed it a little off center, cuz, you know, that's how I roll.

It was so funny, my sister and I were up in the studio last night and told her the story of Jade Scott and her complete and outrageous following, and the updates. (Which by the way, she had one last week and I had all intentions of skipping it but ended up obsessively purchasing about 18 pendants...i dont even KNOW how that happened. It's like something comes over me and it's about the competitiveness of being able to snag them!) And anyway, Fran says "Lor, it's like totally not even about you designing jewelry around the beads. I think you just have a bead buying problem"
Ya? Tell me about it!!!


  1. It makes me feel SO much better to know that you ended up with 18 pendants...Makes my 14 sound better :o)

    We almost need a bead buying support group...

    LOVE that necklace - too cute! And congrats on drilling the hole successfully :o)

  2. Great design!

    I didn't get anything from Jade this time around. :-( I was having a really busy day at work and could not get on there much.

  3. 18 pendants good gads Lorelei! Good on ya! And your jewellery does sell! I got one Jade Scott pear one but love it with the colours. Ive opted for David Austin English Roses this month instead of beads! Yey!

  4. i wanted this necklace soooo bad, but was too slow....i am going to email you :)

  5. Great necklace!! I can see why your cousin snatched it up so fast! I was wondering where all the Jade Scott stuff went! lol That must have been a pretty penny!! I got 4 and I swear it was almost a hundred bucks! lol. Can't wait to see what you make with them!


  6. Love the asymmetry. You roll really well.
    I really really wanted something from Jade. But that whole 2pm thing tripped me up. I couldn't be oohing at work (although I secretly ahhh all the time!). Maybe there are a few things left in Jade's store... I will have to go and see.
    And I think that we need to start a bead junkie support group. Because I am so there with you!
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Lovely! Your prayers were heard! It's only a problem if you call it one!

  8. Glad you succeeded with the drilled hole as this piece rocks.

  9. Forgot to add, love the fresh blog look

  10. I know a good therapist. Or if you prefer a group, me meet every Wednesday @ 7pm. "Call Me."

    The design ROCKS.


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