Almost forgot to BLOG!

How can I forget to blog? Instead, I was worrying about getting to work on time, being able to list the lonely pair of earrings in my etsy store, worrying about what to eat for breakfast because I'm having this constant battle with myself about what I've been eating lately which is pretty much anything that isn't good for me... I was worrying about getting what I needed to get done this morning at work so I could take the afternoon off... worrying about what I was going to go get my mother for Mother's Day, since I am headed down to celebrate that in conjunction with my birthday (which is tues!) ... worrying about having enough time to get my eyebrows waxed, while I was at the mall- but ended up skipping it, so that I could sit down and eat a really bad for me Auntie Annie's pretzel.
So, blogging didn't happen til now. But I am kind of glad because now I have the opportunity to share a few things about my day with you.

  #1. Kelley Wenzel sent me an early birthday gift, and had been anxiously trying to get me to get home to open it while I had her on the phone. The package was heavy, and stuffed so much that it didn't even shake rattle or roll. The squealing started immediately upon opening the box and finding this Lori Plyer clutch that I had coveted!! Oh.My.GOOOOODNESS! I couldn't believe it. And of course, Lori kept completely quiet and I had no idea that this was coming to me afterall. Nice Job Lori! I LOVE IT!!!

Inside the clutch was ALL OF THIS PLUS! some of Kelleys Egg beads!! and some spacers!  I ALMOST DIED! and then the tears started when I got to the Noisy Plume box. Because I ADORE everything Jillian makes and I couldn't believe I was even holding a box from her shop since things come and go in miliseconds when she updates her shop!  Kelley, you are the best. It's nice to be spoiled. It's really really nice, and I can't wait til your next birthday. I can't wait!!

Then I also got my new shoes from Zappos. I had ordered a different pair and when I got them, they just didn't fit right, so had to send them back. The bad part about buying shoes online!! But then these arrived and when I put them on, I swear I heard a gospel choir start singing in my head. They are Clarks. And they are my favorite. shoes. ever.

So with all this excitement, I don't even know what to do with myself. Joe is on his way home and then he'll be packing the car and taking off to Connecticut to help his Mother move into her new apartment which means I have the whole night to be creative, and I can stay up as late as I want to!  But I'll probably still hit the hay early, like 9pm anyway.

Hope you all had a great friday!


  1. SCORE! You made out big time, sistah! I'm lovin' that crescent moon clasp from Amanda Davie. Wow!

  2. How wonderful Lorelei!!! I do believe I'm feeling the joy come right throught the computer! ENJOY:)

  3. Nice loot! Happy Birthday!

  4. AMAZING birthday present! I want your friends. Have a great beady night in!


  5. You are SO. VERY. WELCOME. I had so much fun pulling together all these items to surprise you and loved enlisting the secrecy of so many other etsians.

    I hope you have an awesome birthday celebration with your Mom this weekend!

  6. THOSE be some doggone cute shoes!!! And I am so glad that I was part of (just a little bit) this birthday surprise!!!! Sending you love and peace today and always! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  7. happy are a lucky lady you really scored some cool birthday goodies!

  8. Nothing better than new shoes. Except maybe new shoes, pretty baubles (I am with Kelly on the man in the moon clasp...swoon!) and really, really good friends.
    Enjoy the day, and the days to come, dear Lorelei!

  9. happy Birthday Lorelei! You definitely scored the goods.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  10. Wow what lovely birthday presents, nothing make a birthday present etter than to get what your heart desires.

    By the way I love those cutie hedgehog earrings.

    Oh! and I am gobsmacked that you get so much beading done and still get to bed by 9pm. And here I am feeling lucky if I make it to bed by 1.30am, yaaaaaaawwnn!

  11. Have a wonderful happy birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday. You certainly have good peeps to get such wonderful items. Love the shoes.

  13. Hi Lorelei - Another Taurus buddy! My birthday is tomorrow.

    Hope you have a good one - you've started out quite nice with all those sweet goodies!

    I get to work at the local gem show and oogle some beady loveliness but saving my pennies for Bead & Button.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh goodness - we sound so alike! I too struggle with trying to eat right but cannot resist the Auntie Annies pretzels either! I am with my Mom too this weekend, and could not figure out what to get her for Mother's Day so hopefully we can find something at an art fair we are going to tomorrow. And even if the first pair of shoes from Zappos didn't work out, they are so great and quick about returns/exhanges!

  15. Jackpot! I'm so jealous!

    Happy Birthday


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