A Beady Date with some Beady Friends

Check out this nice little slide show I created with the pictures from our day on Wednesday. Lisa Petrillo of Lucid Moon Studio, and Layne Dasher  of Layne Dasher Jewelry, came over to my B&B and we jetted off to a few of the local bead shops in Orlando. The first one, was not so great. The second one, The Bead Bar, was a real gem!! I got some great stuff, as you'll see if some of the last photos in the slide show. They had a nice selection of semi precious stone strands, and lots of Czech glass that was all 20% off that day! I loved that the shop didn't have a million "loose" beads. I would much rather buy a strand, and I think it's probably a lot cheaper to do it this way.

From there we went to this huge Millenia Mall, did a small amount of shopping, and then went for dinner at this cool restuarant  called Crave. You'll see my Macaroni and Truffle/Gruyere Sauce entre that I had. It was so decadent!! We enjoyed some really awesome conversation about everything Beads, Etsy, Family, IN-laws!, Copycatters, art beads, techniques, our favorite bead shopping sites, you name it! We covered every topic!!

If you ever have a chance to travel and get to meet someone you know in this nice friendly beading community, like I did this past week- I definitely recommend it. There is jusxt nothing better than getting together with women that share your own interests! I come to find out, that all three of us, don't really have local beading friends- and so we really relished the fact that we were able to spend some time together. It would have been nice if we had even been able to go to each of their studios and maybe do some beading too.  Hopefully, on the next trip!!

See pictures from slide show here in my picasa web album.


  1. Oh how I wish I had been there with you three! Can't get much better than shopping, good food and great conversation with other women who LOVE beads!

  2. Oh, you look like you had an absolutely great time with your friends. That macaroni dish. And the beads you purchased - my godness! Do you hear that kind of groaning noise I create when I look at them? I am envious of it all.

    It is actually one of my dreams since a couple of months, to go to the US and travel around visiting my new and wonderful beading pals, seeing lovely sights, and not the least to go shopping for beads. Perhaps take a course in something. How about enameling with Barbara Lewis? Or visit a bead show, if there happen to be any around when I come over. Who knows, one day it might be my dream comes true. I would definately want to see you Lorelei, and Barbara Lewis, and Maire Dodd, and ... can't think of all the people I would like to see. I would like to go to a rock/pop concert with Gaea, coz we both like Eat it has turned out.

    And if anyone I know in the big worldwide beading community would like to come to Sweden and see how absolutely beautiful it is here, please let me know. I totally agree with you Lorelei. It is such a great way to make friends.

    Take care every wonderful one out there!

  3. My heart smiles at all the photos of goodies! Yes, we will def. do it again some time!!!!

  4. Yum! Your post is making me hungry. Sounds like you had the perfect day and even managed to pick up a great little owl bead, too.

  5. Love the slide show, L!
    I am always intrigued by what purchases others make. You can tell a lot about them by what they choose. Your color values are most striking. Looks like fun was had by all.
    Enjoy the day!

  6. I agree with you about individual beads v. strands - my inspiration comes from the beads themselves, and using them in a couple different projects :-)


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