Congratulations to the Winner!

And the winner of the 11 packets of Juggler inspired beads is..............

#65, KELLA!  Congratulations Kella!   Send Sab an email with your address and she will send your beads right out to you!!

Thank you everyone for all of your comments! I shall start answering the questions you left for me, for a VERY LONG future post. I might have to break it up into several posts, we'll see how it goes. You guys sure do want to know a lot about me. I'm not afraid though!!


  1. CoNgRaTs Kella! Yay for new beads :D

  2. Thats some Awesome loot! Congrats from me too! I know youre Happy!

  3. Congratulations Kella!

    Yes, Lorelei, I think you will be very busy answering these questions! We are an inquisitive bunch!

  4. WTG, Kella! Have fun with all the wonderful new beads!

  5. OMGOODNESS!!!, see what happens when I don't blog hop for a couple days, I totally miss that I won something, yah! Lorelei thanks for hosting the competition, I'll be sure to email my details to Sab.

  6. Just wanted to let you know I blogged about me winning the giveaway today


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