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Getting to know All about you..........

Here are some more answers to your questions from this previous post.  ENJOY your Saturday!

8. Did you go to Art School or College?  I went to a Liberal Arts and Sciences SUNY school in upstate NY, and studied art history, and museum studies. I only took one studio art class, drawing- and hated it. I excelled at essay questions on tests, and art history was just the ticket.

When or at what age did you know what you wanted to do? I knew I wanted to follow the museum career as soon as I started taking classes and working part time in the art gallery on my college campus.
 Photography, any pointers or tricks of the trait? See question 1. USE YOUR  MACRO SETTING for nice up close pics!
 How many years now have you been a Bead Artist? What's the one thing about beads that you like best? I have been beading about 4 years now. I think that finding new artisan made beads is my favorite thing about doing this. I love discovering something new, and then finding interesting and unique ways to use the beads!
If you couldn't work any longer as a Bead Artist what would you be doing? Probably just working my full time gig at the museum. And I would hope that if I wasn't beading, I'd be a mother, and of couse, be busy doing the mom/kid thing. And, I'd probably be all clingy to my husband which would probably drive him totally insane. I would probably cook more. Read more. Garden more. And my house would probably be MUCH cleaner.
Any advise that you would like to share with another beader? On beading? Follow your instincts, create your own voice, be confident in your designs, promote promote promote!
Do you feel any different that you're so well known and loved? Nope, I feel like a normal girl, with normal feelings, who enjoys beading and staying crafty. I certainly don't feel like a celebrity and typically feel baffled as to why so many people love me.
 What do you do in your spare time? I normally spend time doing stuff I don't like, such as sweeping, laundry, grocery shopping. Ocasionally I force myself to go outside and garden, or take long walks with my husband. It normally takes a bit of coercing on his part.
 Do you have children, if so, do they enjoy what you do? No kids yet. That's probably why I have so much time to do this!
9. How do you get the advertisers in the right column?
I offered ad space on my blog, so that bead artists could create their own little ads and I would display them to get them a little extra love and affection. So far, it's been pretty lucrative for them! If you're interested, send me an email!
10. Where does the owl fit into your signature piece?
Hmmm, my love of owls... started with Harry Potter movies. And slowly developed after seeing many cool art beads that feature them. Specifically the owl coin pendant, and Bubo owl beads from Green Girl Studios!  I also wonder if it might have to do with my Greek heritage. My Grandmother was from Greece, and she always loved owl imagery.
11. I was wondering where I can find on your site the instructions for making the bracelet on waxed cord that goes around the wrist a couple or three times and can be worn as a necklace. Saw it once a long time ago and never found it again.  I don't know that I ever did a tutorial on that piece, but I can do one! It actually was on leather cording. I'll jot that down for the next video tutorial!! Thanks!
12. I have the opportunity to buy Lindstrom tools - would you buy them? Yes or no, please explain. Yes! I recently bought a full set of Lindstrom pliers and they really are wonderful! Comfy! durable! attractive! COMFY! They are worth the $$$!

 What kind of cord do you use the most? What helps you decide when you to use cord, chain, or beading wire? I like buying Waxed linen cording, I normally use brown but have been known to be spicy and use different colors.  I also like to use Leather cord, just brown. a 1mm-2mm size.  And beading wire- I normally use whatever I can buy at the local craft store, typically brass color or copper color in size .18 and a silver color in a size .18.  When beading, I just grab whatever I'm in the mood for- it's always really random!

 Do you wear much of your own jewelry to work? What kind of comments do you get? I do occasionally wear my own designs to work, typically I wear bracelets, or long necklaces, and sometimes earrings if I have them on hand.  I get a few compliments, but I typically work alone or just with my boss, so the compliments are few and far between. I get more compliments when I wear other designers jewelry!


  1. Didn't you go to Pratt also for watercolor?

  2. Really nice post Lorelei. Why are you so well loved..well prolly bc you are so fresh with new ideas all of the time and really talented. Everyone loves a Winner!

  3. It is hard not to love you Lorelei. I am not baffled at all by the fact that your peeps can't get enough. You are accessible and real. You exude confidence and charisma. And you make beautiful things. Funny, but I agree...I usually get more compliments when I wear another's jewelry (like yours, I might add!).
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Thanks for answering some of my questions in this post - Your style really inspires me to be more creative. And you are so real on your blog - what worked, what didn't work, what you are excited about each week, etc. Thanks again for being you!

  5. Oh, I thought I had managed to be so original with my owl query, approx. question 574! Clearly not. Thanks so much for my bracelet and necklace, arrived today, so pretty! I love them!

  6. geeez, now I have Julie Andrews voice singing in my head and she won't go away!

  7. Lovely post Lorelei - we all come to visit your blog as we love that you are so original with your designs, open about yourself, not an egomanic, and a really genuine person who can have a good laugh (eg the videos with buttons and with Kerry - so much fun to watch - I think all your readers wished we all wished we could play with you gals too!)And I too, like Erin get lots of comments when I wear one of your pieces.

  8. Love this post- reading it from the blackberry on a long weekend trip home. Perfect read for a road trip! Can't wait to get home and get back to beading!

  9. HI Andrew,
    I did take a watercolor class at Pratt in one of their adult ed classes!
    That was a great class!!

  10. You missed my question.
    I'll tell you a character flaw if you tell me one.


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