Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Typically we would be in Vermont today, enjoying some time away, enjoying a nice Cinco de Mayo dinner at the Mexican Restaurant just down the way. But instead we are home. Going to work. Working a long full day. And then hopefully I can persuade the Mr. to take me out for a Margarita. Or Two.

I am really enjoying reading your questions on the giveaway post! Keep them coming! Enter to Win here. And yes, I am planning on answering every single one. Because that's just how I roll. It just won't be until next week.

I had this bracelet idea in my head for a day or 2 now. I finally was able to put together and I love the randomness, the bright happy colors, the Jade Scott beauty, the buttons, the saffron chain, the asymmetricalness. :)
k, so I just made that word up.
It's now in my shop. Waiting for it's perfect mate. The person that will want to wear it proudly. I know that special someone is out there. Someone that shares my vision.

Hope you all have a nice creative and relaxing Wednesday!!


  1. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Congratulations on making it into Wikio's jewelry making blog! I am so happy for you :-)

  2. Lovely bracelet! Is it a C-koop button clasp? I like it. Enjoy the Marheritas with your Mr.
    Sounds cozy!

  3. So much fun! I love the colors and the little acorn, too cute!

  4. I am so pleased you like the birds! I have just listed a couple more and am planing to make a pile of them tomorrow - so check back in my shop early next week.

    Isn't Kerry is such a peach?

  5. Love the colors! And...get you with the whole making up of wordnesses. I thought I was the only one who did that ;-)

  6. Here's to you getting that Margarita... or two!


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