Happy Weekend

Once I sat down at the beading table, I couldn't help but get into a flow and then before I knew it I had beaded all day long. I love it and hate it when that happens. It means my house didn't get cleaned, the cat was ignored, the husband was ignored even more. I had to be pulled from the room to make dinner and now it's already 8pm and I am JUST blogging now.


But I wanted to show you a few things.  Here is the necklace that came from Thurs? post where I had you vote for your favorite design. I decided to combine I and J together into the final piece. I am quite happy with how it turned out. I think you were right about the chain, and about the keyhole, and then I found an itty bitty skeleton key to add below the house with some other charms. The Love bead, nuggets and house bead work so well together. I wonder if Diane meant to do this??


I also wanted to show you the finished product from my collaboration with KJ. Did you see KJ's finished piece that I had started for her? Click here to view that. And then here is the piece she sent me. And now here is the necklace all finished. I must admit I didn't do much to it. I just tied  some knots into the silk cording, adding wire wrapped mokaite nuggets that she sent, I added some copper chain, a copper clasp from Miss Fickle Media, and some of Shannon's rings, and the little yellow owl from Floridity that KJ sent with the package. I like simple designs that aren't too tight, or two heavy. This is just right!! I can't wait to wear it on Monday!


I listed 5 of the newbies from today in my shop tonight. I will list the others tomorrow morning... I am off to watch Survivor with my honeys.


  1. woot! that looks beautiful! i'm stoked to see one of my first little owlies in one of your designs!

  2. Great designs, both in the shop and here on the blog. I think the collaboration piece with KJ turned out great and I'm glad you kept it simple.

    did you know I call Todd my honeys? I've never heard anyone else pluralize that before :)

  3. These are great! And I love your final answer in regards to #1! It is fabulous!!

  4. Awww pretty darn Precious Lorelei!

  5. You ARE my inspiration Lorelei. Sooooo nice things!!!!!

  6. Love them both, but I especially love the house pendant with the key. You nailed that design!

  7. Absolutely awesome, both pieces! Collaborations are way too much fun.
    And that little key is just the thing. Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. All the pieces turned out swell and the collaboration piece is a real keeper, loving it!!

  9. I just love how it turned out! I knew that owl wanted to be in that necklace, but I wasn't quite sure where to place him so I'm glad I mailed him to you and let you work your magic to figure it out. Great job!


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