May Month of Metal

This month's beady goodness from Rings N Things, was my choice! I picked out some Brass Trade bead spacers, a couple of cool old coins, and a spool of copper rollo chain! I have been in a major metal mood lately, and love these new things to play around with. I already put some of the chain in action in this new Utah Wonderstone lariat style necklace design.

I would say there is no better way to buy chain than to buy it on a spool! That is so much better than buying just a few feet at a time. I go through chain SO FAST. I could use chain in every single design. I also have my eye on this one, and this one, and some of this too.

The chain, coins and spacers used in the previous post, specifically referenced as from Rings and Things were provided as promotional gifts by for review or design partnership purposes.


  1. Very cool Lorelei! I love the Wonder Stone - WOW! I have some of the second "this one" chain- GET IT!! You will love it so much I promise:D

  2. Oh yes... you can never have too much chain! I love to mix different sizes and metals together for a great textural effect. But then again, you already know how to do that so well. Love the lariat style!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Anonymous5/10/2010

    I love lariats, and this one is a beauty!
    I have refrained from making one so far, because it takes soooo much chain :( I'm running through it faster then I can buy it anyway, so I try to use less... however, I could easily use even more.

  4. That necklace is so cool! I agree with you about the spool of chain and R&T has such great prices and variety!

  5. That is a pretty piece of jewellery.

    Chain on the spool is just good commensense :)

  6. Lorelei, May month of metal...good Idea.
    I love your Blog and all your of Jewellery.


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