A new Tool

I think I may be the last one on the planet to finally get one of of these doming sets. I found a fabulous deal on this large 21 piece set at Harbor Freight. I got it home last night and unfortunately had to wipe all the nasty greeeeeze off all the pieces, no one tells you about that fun task.

Anyway I have some plans on trying something new ...  Gotta get a few more things like tin snips and I'd like to get a nice quailty Disc cutter but not the $159 one from Fundametals cuz dang, I can't justify that. Even though it's wicked cool, and I would love it.  Know of a good place for a nice quality cutter, lemme know in the comments. I have looked in all the obvious places but I need recommendations.

I'm off to hang with Kerry for the day!! I am supposed to be pulling together some beads and tools to work with while I'm there, because we plan on doing some beading but I was so overwhelmed last night, and I still have no idea what to bring. Wish it was ALL Mobile!!    Keep your eye out on our blogs for a video sometime this weekend!  HAPPY SATURDAY!!

don't forget, read about the big Mother's Day sale going on in the shop til May 9th! I blogged 'bout it yesterday, WHERE YOU BEEN!!?!