Video Tutorial: Ribbon!

I had to break this down into 2 parts... Once you are finished watching part 1, the beginning of part 2 picks up right where I left off.  ENJOY! and PLEASE feel free to leave comments/questions!


  1. Hi Lorelei,

    Love the tutorials, the only thing I would change in the future, would be to set the webcam a bit lower (like at the end of the second video) so we can see your hands better.

    I love it that we get to see you create on the fly, the spontaneity is great. You make everything seem so easy!


  2. yes I plan on working on that for the next one. VERY good point E! I hope you can still get the gist of what I was doing! :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Lorelei. Another suggestion is to make sure you have good lighting so that what you are showing isnt in shadow or getting lost in the background.
    Looking forward to the next one

  4. Love your nice of you to do tutorials. There is always something to learn in the bead world!

    My daughter and I just started a blog recently. We have been doing jewelry together for about fifteen years and it has been a really fun venture. We would love to have you stop by.


    The blog is about our jewelry...and a lot of other things. Our life in general and other things we love. I like to do papercrafts and she loves fashion so its just a little of everything. We would love to get more involved with the jewelry community online.

    Can't wait to read the rest of what you have here...then read your favorites, too!!!

  5. Lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon, thanks for the tutorial. One question, when you attach to the chain, do you cut a link as it were a jump ring and then close the link back up? Have a great birthday!

  6. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Keep them coming - I learn something in each one you do!

  7. Great tutorial! and very cute necklace! you are so creative :)

  8. So nice to see something new on your blog on weekends! I was curious about ribbon, you made it look fun and easy - and beautiful results! You say you're not a pro, but we out here watching can relate to that, so no problem. Loved the finished necklace and I have chain from Miss Fickle also :)

  9. Happy Birthday!! My sister is also in May. I love the tutorials, it's nice to see who you are in real life :) Keep 'em comin'!!


  10. Maybe someone will get you one of those super cute Flip video cameras for your birthday. You could easily set it up for tutorials and then you could grab it and shoot down on the work surface for a different view. I can tell you're having fun, and that makes it so easy to watch and learn.

    I just discovered your shop, flickr and blog. I just love love love your style.

  11. Great tutorial! I have just bought a whole bunch of hand dyed silk ribbon and was wondering what to do with it so I'm so glad you posted these videos!

  12. Thank you very much Lorelei!!!
    Great tutorial!!!

  13. oh I love your tutorial, you save my "trashes", I mean I have a lot of ribbons and I don't know what I wanna do with those. If I don't make something from those maybe my ribbons become trashes.

    I really want more, maybe bracelets :D Thank you

  14. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you!

  15. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

  16. Love your tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Anonymous5/17/2010

    I am so glad you made this video.I have just bought a consignment of ribbon and trim from Turkey via Etsy and got seriously stung on the shipping.I will not be able to waste an inch.So this has helped me get the most out of it,Thanks and love ,Anne.

  18. Anonymous5/17/2010

    Great tutorial! It's good to see how you put things together in real time. I've not worked with ribbon much ... does it ever fray or wear thin because of the wire?

    Love the way you create a scalloped effect with chain. Brilliant!

  19. You are Lori on the fly! Very fun.

    What do you do with the tail ends of the ribbon?

    Great tutorial. They get better every time.
    Enjoy the day!

  20. I love the videos.... keep them coming! So nice to see you in the process, and I never thought that adding the ribbon could be so easy. You def. made me want to try that, I will be on the lookout for fun ribbons, I even have a small stash that I could look through to add to my jewelry! Thanks so much!

    Ever thought of ding a tutorial on how you price the pieces for you shop, and how you keep track of all the different art beads and supplies. I think that is my most hardest thing to do. Any tips on how you keep it all together and organized?


  21. Hey Regina,
    sorry for the delay in answer your question. The chain links are un-soldered so I just pull them open like a jumpring, and close up using some pliers.

  22. hey Gr8findings-
    Not that I know of, I think the ribbon stands up pretty well to the wire.

  23. Hey Erin!
    I usually trim the ribbon if I need to, with scissors. I didn't need to for this necklace though.

  24. Hey Layney,
    I usually keep all artists beads together, and I'm pretty good at keeping up with who made what.
    Sometimes I forget or get something from someone like from the earring bead swap, in which case, I try to keep a tag that states the makers name, and put it in the bin with those beads. I organize all my beads with plastic bead bins or i keep them inthe printers cabinet, or in my typeset tray on my table.

  25. Such a pretty design! I, too, love to incorporate fabric and ribbon in jewelry and finding new ways to assemble them all together is really fun!
    Thanks for the work you do, Lorelei!


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