Birdie and Eggs Giveaway



Oh Me.Oh My! This week, I'm giving away these little lovelies: Ceramic Black Bird Bead from LeAnn of Summers Studio...and 5 little blue egg beads from Kelleys Beads!
Nothing screams SUMMER more than little birds and eggs! Here's what you have to do.

 Leave ONE comment on this post, answering the following question:  

What is the best way to store your beads, give me some examples, show me links from your blogs, or describe your process.
I am rearranging my studio yet again, and believe that I need a better system for storing my many beads. The bazillion plastic trays I'm using now, isn't feasible for the space any more. 

I will pick a random winner on Friday June 25th. One comment per person, please! And anonymous comments will not count!



  1. Oh my gosh - I am in the middle of a studio move/reorg too! How funny! I figured it was a good time for it since my studio was half torn apart from the Art Fair I did - needed to use the table and displays in there. I will be interested to see what ideas others have for bead storage. I am using the plastic trays right now too. But I don't have them laid out with the lids open, mine are stacked so it's a pain to sort through the pile to find what I need. But you are so lucky to have that lovely antique printers cabinet!!!

  2. Are you out of your mind? Giving away such booty? I love you! (Does that get me any extra points? hahahah ;-) Hamilton printer's cabinet is back in business! I had a guy I know "The Furniture Medic" clean out each of those beautiful 21 drawers and then paint the interiors all I can see all the beady goodness! I am planning to post on this soon! That cabinet is the best. I can't believe how much it holds. Much more than my old system of baggies in baggies sorted by style and color of bead inside those rectangle snap-on containers! I am the least organized person I know and I am relishing the act of putting these beads in their place. I have discovered so many treasures! Coincidentally, Pottery Barn offers a cabinet that looks JUST LIKE MINE but is not as tall or wide. It is set up for jewelry stashes, and that would be a sweet thing, if I didn't already have a REAL one. And...I have a friend who is a professional organizer coming over to my house on Thur for a consultation and work day. We are going to beat this studio into submission!
    I am looking forward to reading what everyone is thinking about this subject!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Just heavenly beads! Count me in! Beads..I save Smuckers jars with the pretty tops on the lids! Im readying a room upstairs now so I also like to use abalone shells as well.

  4. Great give away Lori! I am not the greatest persaon in the world to ask about being organized. I store my stuff in containers, plastic bins, boxes. I'm a mess, I should probably get ideas from you. Or wait and see what Erins organizer does for her. Professional organizer...hmmmm.
    I do love those eggs and birds..

  5. isn't this the eternal struggle? I have used printer's trays, small clear sectioned boxes(get them from your friendly nail salon, the tips come in them)large opaque boxes,tiny little bowls & containers ala the bead store method & muffin tins(these can stack if they aren't filled too full). I am about to muck out/make over my bead room, I think I am jealous of the organizer!

  6. i've seen the photos of your stashes..lots and lots..i have a long way to go..
    so far i like to have beads in clear plastic color.
    smaller ones for findings of each metal.these are labeled on the ends and stacked on shelves.
    my studio is in a constant state of reorganization..i will be interested to see how others solve storage issues..

  7. I was asking this same question this weekend. Mine's a combination of stackable clear containers housed in baskets, plastic bags by color, and clear trays. Nothing that works exceptionally well. Hope you come up with some great ideas that I can steal! :)

  8. I'm not really a "bead person", that's why I buy from you! But, if I have to answer the question for the few beads that I do possess, I store them in those clear plastic containers with the compartments. Works just fine for a small collection!

    LOVE these beads! If I win, I'll commission you to form them into one of your unique creations!

    Jane Swanson

  9. This is constantly evolving for me as well. One thing I know for sure is that I am very visual and I have to see it if I am going to use it. I have been thinking of hooks like in a jewelry store organized by color and type of bead. But that would be a pain to restring the beads as I was using them, it would be a great idea for chain.
    Right now I am doing what Erin does, I have plastic bins, which hold zip lock bags of beads in the same color. I can put the large plastic bag on the table and I don't even have to open it to see what I have.
    Right now I am going through all of my lampwork inventory and I am being ruthless and only hanging onto beads that I want or that I would put in the shop. That will be another blog post.

  10. I personally use tackle boxes (with little adjustable plastic compartments) to store my beads, but my collections is nowhere near as expansive as yours. the do have the benefit of being very pack-and-go, and you can sort them by colour palate or style.

  11. I have clear plastic boxes for my beads, as the boxes are portable and I can bring them with me. I use a large desk with a hutch 'top' which has shelves - the clear boxes fit well in the shelves, allowing me space to work with the beads close by. :) I LOVE those eggs!!!!

  12. Love those birdies!!

    I am a seed beeder mostly. I store my beeds by color, in plastic ziplocks or in tubes if that's how I bought them. Each color has a plastic box that is clear and stackable. The boxes are stacked on a shelf in my studio.

  13. Erin Strother6/21/2010

    I've been trying to get my husband to put in cabinetry in my office. Like you, I have a zillion plastic trays and they are just randomly sitting all over the counter top. I think one of those giant rolling tool chests mechanics use in a garage might work in a contemporary office.

  14. This issue known as "storage" is my problem...I use my parents old bedroom dresser and the drawers are filled to the brim with containers and tins and jars and zip locks and and and....I too am a visual person and end up having beads and findings all over the place....right now there are little baggies allover my computer table. The thing is, I know where things are when they are scattered, when everything is tidy and put in their "proper" place, I can't find $^@! Can you say borderline hoarder??? hehehe
    My husband says PLEASE HELP!!
    by the way, the beads are wonderful!!

  15. Dear Lorelei,
    I only have a corner of our garage as my beading studio.It does tend to get very messy.I am trying to evolve into a better layout and plan to paint everything soon and put some new shelves up to store my beads.I buy little plastic drawer sets to store my beads,findings,wire etc.I stack everything and have sorted everything out by type.I haven't yet started storing my beads by color yet.I have a picture in my head of white shelves,lavendar walls and pretty displays of my jewellery hanging up for my clients to admire and,hopefully buy,Love Anne

  16. Wow, love those eggs, I mean beads! Ok, have several different systems. On the floor, next to my bead table is a Bisley art/file cabinet from The Container Store with 10 narrow drawers. This holds strands of beads and buttons, etc. Large plastic fishing tackle boxes with the lids snapped off fit perfectly in the drawers. The drawers come out easily or tackle boxes can be easily lifted out. On a shelf, I also have a stack of plastic divided organizer boxes with sliding locks from AC Moore holding smallish beads and findings. And for seed beads I have two multi drawer containers from Wal-marts hardware dept. That's it!

  17. Wow, those are too cute!

    I just use the same plastic storage containers. Though, I do have some of those small metal cases with individual round metal tins inside - I use those for fancier findings.
    I have the plastic cases in so many sizes. My wish is to have them all one size and stackable, but I've been unable to find the largest cases anywhere! I'm always on the hunt!

  18. My storage system is a mess so I'm curious to hear what other people do to stay organized. I currently have my beads in all different sized containers - test tubes, pill bottles, contact cases... such a mess. I think it would be fun to have a peg board with strands of beads hanging on it like my local bead shop.

  19. I'm not a borderline horder -- my disease is full-blown. I have a gorgeous Arts and Crafts desk with cubbies and draws and I store most of my stash in a scrapbooking storage tower on wheels that goes in the knee-hole of the desk. And still I have beads all over the place!Oy!

    Please add to my clutter by choosing me for your random giveaway -- I need a little birdy and some eggs!

    I'm having a giveaway too. I'm celebrating my birthday all week.

  20. Just uploaded some pictures on my FB page:

    Very easy to do, you can use a simple frame - you just need to "saw" a little on the side in order to slide in a mandrel. You can arrange your beads by colors or shapes.

    The ones on the picture are a little bit more complex and fold in three, which makes them perfect for bead shows. But I really like to "hang" some of my beads on the wall in my studio:)

    The best storage system I ever saw was the "creative space" of Star of the East - do die for!!

    Hope this will give you some ideas!

    Take care,


  21. My storage is ever evolving so I will be curious to hear some new ideas. I have some rolling carts with drawers about 2 1/2" and some wooden scrapbook drawers from Michael's. I also use fishing lure containers for my Thai silver and copper spacers. I love the printer's cabinet you and Erin have. Love the beads - good luck with the reorganization!

  22. eeeep! so gorgeous! unfortunately i have little wisdom on the subject of beady organisation... i have a few ocd-like tendencies and would love everything to be organised in a certain way, i just need to find a company who make the perfect boxes etc for beads! i have the perfect system in mind just not the resources im afraid :(
    at the moment i have my beads sorted into lots of small ziploc type bags which are "filed" into rows standing inside pretty boxes, either boxes are full of the same type of bead (ie. seed beads) or the same colours.
    I also really really want to find a stash of old cigar boxes somewhere and use those, they can be so beautiful!
    Please let us all know if you find the perfect solution yes?!

  23. Hello
    I store my beads by colors in clear boxes to find them soon. I hope that will help you.

  24. I like my beads stored in clear zip lock baggies and then in clear bins marked with type i.e. glass, pearls, seed, etcetera. I also have them in tackle boxes for easy use. Your generous giveaway is so "tweet" and I love the blue eggs. Happy creating...

  25. Storage- the ultimate nightmare.!!
    I am presently using the entire bottom half of my china buffet and contemplating selling most of my china and glassware which I never use so that I can take over the top part. The glass doorswould allow me to actually see where things are. I am a visual person and when it is hidden away it is out of my memory. I use the snap together stackable plastic boxes with covers and sort by color and style with most of my seed beads in tubes. All silver, brass and copper findings ect are in 3 separate big plastic containers with sections as are my glass beads and focal stones....
    I had some great suggestions a couple weeks ago from others on my blog where I asked a similar question. I also wanted to know how people kept track of where they purchased things.
    Good luck. PS I love the bird and eggs!!

  26. So pretty!
    I keep beads in plastic containers with dividers (the tackle box thingys). This works for me...but I can see how it would get crazy if you are a bead hoarder :)

  27. I, like the others, would love to win the little bird and egg beads! Thanks for the chance!
    I keep my beads, sorted by color, in plastic boxes (shoebox size). The boxes are on an open bookshelf, where I can see/grab them easily. Within the boxes, there are strands, baggies, etc, but there is a box for every color (or 2 for favorite colors). I am usually able to locate a bead if I'm looking for it.
    My findings are pretty much all together, but sorted by type. All the earring stuff is together, clasps together, stringing material, etc.

  28. I'm in the process of relocating my inventory out of the dining room, family room, and kitchen into ONE studio room so not sure what changes I'll make, but my current inventory setup:

    ~ seed beads by size/color in their tubes then in those plastic boxes that hold the tubes
    ~ Container Store has clear plastic shoe box and half shoe box sizes that hold majority of inventory. Each item is in a plastic bag with vendor/purchase date/price. Bags are sorted into the containers by type: pearls, silver, lampwork, African, czech and non-lampwork glass, chains, stones, misc.
    ~ findings are sorted by type and stored in those 10x7 slotted plastic containers from Michaels/Hobby Lobby.
    ~ pliers/cutters in those wood tool holders
    ~ PMC stuff all together in old tins, cigar boxes and plastic handled boxes from Container Store. (They come in 3 sizes and are great for taking supplies to classes.)
    ~ fine silver fusing stuff all together in plastic handled boxes
    ~ sterling/fine silver wire stored in large zippered mesh bags
    ~ all copper wire/sheet and findings in the plastic shoe boxes and slotted containers
    ~ all resin stuff in plastic handled boxes
    ~ all steel wire and tools in plastic handled boxes
    ~ crystals in the slotted containers

    Basically, I've tried to keep vendor/price info in the plastic bag or slot. For tools, equipment, etc., those receipts are in a separate folder by year.

    I have 3-ring binders for tutorials, articles, information, ideas, vendor biz cards.

    Guess I'm somewhat organized, EXCEPT when working on pieces - the table looks like a tornado hit it!!

    Lauren - go to your local cigar shop; went to mine to buy butane and walked out with more than a dozen wood cigar boxes, free!

    Lorelei - great giveaway!

  29. Oh Lorelei I don't think it is possible to truely ever have it right when it comes to storing beads! I am convinced I need to design a house AROUND the bead room. The problem I have is that what comes IN doesn't replace what goes OUT-not that to much goes out anyway. So that makes organizing kind of impossible. I do have plastic art bins and I stack them within drawers of a dresser. I try and keep a color thing going as well as natural stone vs. glass. I still end up opening each one though everytime I make something. Lovely Lovely giveaway. Now see, these would go in the Kelley and LeAnn bins:)

  30. I have 3 big plastic containers and a whole lot of baggies, plus a few little plastic boxes with dividers from the dollar store for loose bits. Plus I have my DR table which is currently covered with stuff, including beads. My husband has offered to build me a space in the basement but there is no natural light.

  31. Hi Lorelei. I LOVE my Best Craft Organizer with the bead inserts.
    I have 2 tall units and I'm almost ready for a 3rd. They're kind of expensive but they are a good investment. I arrange mine by color or type of bead/finding. The drawers come out so you can keep them on your dest while you're working but they're easy to put away when you're finished. I hope that helps! :-)

  32. Lorelei - I love, love, love these beads! It is really sad but, my beads are everywhere! I do not have a studio so they are in black plastic jewelry trays in the office, my antique in the den, the garage, cabinets in the laundry room, etc. But I do know what beads are located where - does that count? Love your blog!!!

  33. Anonymous6/21/2010

    A few years ago I acquired a neat multiple drawer card cabinet and it just sat around collecting dust. I found I had sooooo many beads and no organized place to put them and then I remembered the cabinet and voila all my beads have a new home. The drawers also come out so I can tote them where ever I need them.

  34. Cute beads! Want them:)
    I like to reuse jars.

  35. Bad me...showing up on here as Anonymous...I really do have a neat card cabinet for all my hundreds of beads. Thanks for the contest!

  36. I use plastic bins, just like you have right now. I also have a few binders with removable trays that are handy for some things, but mostly I am in Chaos!! No good tips here I'm afraid, not yet anyways!
    Good luck!


  37. I store my beads in plastic bags. Not the best method, but that's what I have to work with at the moment!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  38. I think the massive challenge for me personally when storing beads, is making it practical static storage but also portable. I seem to find myself beading on the go a lot and I think (or like to think at any rate) that most of my bead mess is due to packing and unpacking beads....I keep my seed beads in little individual tubs in colour co-ordinated drawers and my other, larger beads in plastic tubs with compartments within. That makes me sound incredibly organised but of course, everything is in the wrong place and all over everywhere...if you find the ultimate bead storage solution, do let us know!!! Please enter me into your comp, I love the eggs and especially the songbead, I mean bird :-)

  39. Oh sweet! Pick me, pick me!

    I store my beads on clear tacklebox looking containers made especially for crafting--with deep sections and removable dividers. East to see what's in them, lightweight, stackable, and cheap (but maybe not so pretty).

    I separate my beads by color, and my metals are sorted by metal type, then by clasps, findings, chain, etc.

    My storage must be mobile and easy to carry since my 'studio' is also my dining room, and also used during home shows.

  40. Oh these are beauties! I was just starting to look for a good system myself...I use clear drawers, sort by color and have lots and lots of plastic tubs...and now moved on to put some vintage (again sorted) in cigar boxes! Good thing beads are small, because I end up with a lot of them!

  41. I separate my beads by color, and my metals by type...
    I use little plastic bags, little glass bowls and also little boxes that I asked to my dentist. ;-))

  42. I'm constantly reorganizing/ moving. I haven't discovered it yet. Right now I have a million plastic lidded compartment type things but they're a pain in the a**. i'm constantly stacking/unstacking and making a general mess which i have to clean up at SOME point. I really want to do the little hardware store drawer solution, (i'll need 6 billion) and label every. stinkin. drawer. but then i can't see them all out in front of me. hrmph.

    i'd love to design a pull out system with vintage letterpress trays sort of like a print file, that i could see and select and close a perfect world.

  43. I am afraid that I am still experimenting with bead storage. Currently I am using compartmentalized plastic containers sorted by color, bead type, and finish. I label each container so when I am looking for a particular color, beadt type, etc. I can easily see what I have.

  44. I would love to buy this cabinet from IKEA to store my beads, it has shallow drawers that would hold dividers, but alas I am storing my stuff all over the place.
    Would welcome your giveaway beads into my stash.

  45. Dynamite bead give away! Right now everything is a total mess but I have a 15 drawer library card cabinet. I have found that some small plastic boxes with hinge lids fit well 4 deep. I have great plans! That said, we shall see...

  46. Originally, I had a small bead box and then I got some of those little tupperware pull-out shelves, and I just put my tools and bags of beads in there. That made it just about impossible to find anything. The system I'm trying to switch to now involves using those boxes of circular containers with screw-on lids. I like being able to see my beads in them and organize by color, and they never get mixed together if the box is tilted or turned upside down like they would in a box with shallow divisions. I'm moving my art beads and focals into the old square boxes.

  47. I store mine in the divided plastic boxes you can get at walmart, michaels, etc. I sort by color only (except wood gets its own box). Most important, the beads are bagged and then put inthe box - allows for multiple beads per square and no mess if the box spills

  48. I think the best way to store beads are in Fishing Lure Boxes then get a Label Maker and label them on the two longest sides and the top. When you get too many boxes you can stack them neatly on a bookshelf and you can see by the labels what you are looking for. Hope this helps!
    Cilla W
    Sorry for the previous anonymous post, I know that doesn't count!

  49. oh man, I'm number 50! okay, I can deal. here's what I do. I used to keep my beads in plastic bins also, but I would forget what I had. So I got a couple of large bulletin boards (the cheap kind) and thumb tacks - the kind that sticks out. I put all the thumb tacks on the board. Then I got large clips and small baggies. Put the beads in baggies and hung them from the thumbtacks by the little clips which fit perfectly, were EASY to see, and easy to get to. Hope this helps, Lori. This solution stores a boatload of beads for little cost.

  50. I'm wracking my brain to come up with something that hasn't been said, done, tried, re-tried! My current plan is to take the beads out of the tackle boxes (the boxes are stacked in our entertainment center, the highest stack is 5!) and move them into my office, where I will set it up like a bead store. I need to see more things and colors at the same time. The right lighting will be essential. Also a large bulletin board to hang larger strands. Ever notice how you can make 20 items and it doesn't even make a dent? Beautiful giveaway you have selected.

  51. This post from HautTotes miniblog is the best I've seen for small beads, and you probably have some of those, Lorelei! I think it could be beautifully adapted for large beads though - just imagine one of each of your lovelies on the topof each container. You can even write the number of beads on the container so you don't have to open it up! (Never forgetting of course to update the # inside when you remove one....:))

  52. Wow. Only read half of the entries. Lots of great ideas. I just got a desk/hutch/file unit from City Furniture for my studio. I store some stuff in my grandmothers old Bombay Chest, too, and now I use the hutch for Magazines and plastic bead trays. They are sorted by type, i.e. glass, semi- precious stone, crystals, etc. I also use tic tac boxes with in plastic trays. Then I got file drawers to store patterns, etc. My desk has a pull out shelf for my laptop and an area to bead at. I am determined to get organized so I can bead in a relaxed atmosphere. Love the little bird give away.

    P.S. Saw Toy Story 3 tonight. Sweet sweet movie and a they had a preview for an owl movie that made me think of you, Lorelei.

  53. Bead storage in a small studio is a constant battle for me. I like the stackable units with little clear plastic drawers. When I am well organized, I'll keep beads in the same color family in a row of drawers that line up with each other. If I'm REALLY well organized, I'll have some easy to read labels on those drawers.
    I love LeAnn's birds and I have been coveting those eggs by Kelley. I sure hope my name gets chosen this time!
    Photo of my mish-mash bead storage:

  54. hi. Sorry I didn't realize you were giving these away.. i thought you just made them so I commented on them, then i read they were a give away. So sorry for the two posts..i have several ways that i store my things..the obvious is the little jars, and then in drawers..that is the safest i have found, i also love simplerenee's clip it ups. They aren't really made for jewelry but they are great for that are hung or seedbeads on hanks. They are really pretty that way, also inspiring because you can see them, run your hands on them, spin them like your in store picking through the colors. They also sell little clip up baggies that attach that you can put you beads into. (website:

    All my wire and thread is stored on same thing. I can send pictures if you want of my set up if you can't picture if from seeing their website.

    Used candle jars are fabulous. I have book shelf full of those that are full of buttons and beads. Lil tilt bins are nice too. Magnetic board, glue magnets on the botton of your clear bead cases and stick them to the magnetic board. Maybe I should just send a picture of my studio. Might be easier. I have beads stored in dozens of ways all around me LOL. I love storage and figure out ways to store things. I love to organize. It's an obsession. More a mental disease really. LOL.

    have fun redoing your studio!! I just finished mine! I redo it every year.

  55. I use the plastic compartmentalised "tackle boxes", but my collection well exceeds the efficiency of that method (and has no spilled into boxes, bagies, piles....sigh...). We will be moving in a few weeks and I will be redoing the beadroom - I hope you get some great suggestions as I will be back looking for ideas! :)

    ~Moags (Laura)

  56. My favorite storage vessels I found at Walmart (yeah, I know...) They are super clear plastic little round screw top containers that come in a super clear plastic flat tray with a lid. The plastic is super clear (did I mention that already?!) I use a lot of seed beads, so they are perfect for me. My other larger beads are stored in a variety of tubes, vials, jars, etc. I have two antique china cabinets and an old buffet that I use to store almost everything. Of course, there's always the overflow which is in baskets, bowls, etc. scattered around my studio (read-converted formal dining room).

    Hunting through my stash is sometimes fun, sometimes not. So basically, I've been of no help on the subject, right? But I'd still love that little birdy and those eggs !!


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  58. I have a limited amount of space, so I have my beads stored in plastic bins with dividers. Each bin stacks nicely and stored in my closet. I have each bin organized by color, red, blue, earth tones, etc. Those precious little eggs would be a nice addition to my blue bin :).

  59. I use the plastic compartment bead storage boxes, and I seperate the boxes by color. They are all stacked on the shelves above my work area and easily accessible. I can see the colors through the side of the boxes, so it's easy to grab whatever color beads I need.

    I have my art beads sorted by artist, in other words, all my Summers Studio beads are in one box. This way if I'm looking for a particular piece of hers, I know right where to look. Then I have some beads that are seperated by type, for example all my wood beads are together. I'm not sure my way is the best way, but it has worked for me for several years, so I'm keeping it!


  60. My storage methods are not too exciting. I use plastic containers (I hate the lids on them) and jewelers trays. I have labeled all the boxes with the name of the color of beads they contain.

  61. I'm still in the era of plastic bins. But in the next hour I'm going to read all the sugestions and comments of your blog readers.


  62. The beads in the giveaway are darling.
    I use the plastic storage units with the pull out, large but shallow, drawers. I still use the little plastic baggies, maybe some day I will be able to move away from that. I works for me for now.
    I posted your giveaway and pics of my studio on my blog, over here:

    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  63. Hi Lorelei! I bought a pretty purple bracelet from you once : )
    My bead stash is not unmanageable yet, I still use little plastic storage cases. I don't have a studio space so I have to keep the little plastic containers in a big toolbox. I recently moved downstairs with my hobby and am off the dinner table (my husband is thrilled). I would love to have a room with 4 wall floor to celling shelving with my beads surrounding me in jars. I could just glance in any direction for immediate inspiration. Sigh...

  64. well if you looked at my workspace, it looks like i just throw them up in the air and see where they land!

    i *try* to use the clear plastic bead organizers from Michaels. i have about a dozen of them. i organize them by type for each container (ie one for swarovskis, one for gemmy stones, or one for ss jump rings).

    groovy giveaway! thanks for the chance!

  65. Ok, so this post got me to CLEAN UP big time! I thought I would share some pics of how I organize in my little crafty space (formerly my dining room!) Thanks for motivating me!

    P.S. I love your big tables, Lorelei, and I would rather have my Art Bins opened on a table for better viewing but space doesn't permit!

  66. Love the birdie eggs. I wrote on another post of your blog but will repeat here. I found the Beaders Pavillion from Sova Enterpries to be great for seed beeds and small beads. They have the storage trays for round tubes and flip top boxes. I have some of each. I am currently organizing my massive seed bead collection with these. The great thing is you can organize by color and the boxes and tubes come in 2 different sizes. I love this system a lot. I also use the storage boxes and then for all my large gemstones, I have them in the dollar store shoe boxes organized by color and labeled. I also have a couple of the rolling storage bins that I keep my wire, my material, etc, in and I did get the drawers labeled. I have one just for all my Art Clay and Polymer Clay stuff, one for my wire and wireworking tools. The biggest need I have is a good workbench and the room I have designated as my studio getting finished. My husband found me some killer stainless steel wire shelves and I have all my bins and boxes stored on them. I keep all my cones and silver findings in their own boxes and then I have a separate art box for all my base metal. I still have a long way to go but I am slowly working on the storage problem. I would love to hang a pegboard to put my strands of gemstones and glass beads on so I could look at a glance.

  67. I am debating using an IKEA curtain wire rod with clips
    for beads that are still strung or short chain. I would attach the curtain rods to the studs in a blank wall. (price wise these are probably a good option for me.)

    My loose beads are stored in sectioned plastic boxes inside an old vestment wardrobe - which looks great when it is cleaned up but isn't optimal for working.

    Good luck with your studio reorganize, and thanks for the giveaway.

  68. Must, must do by color and/or type...depending on your supply...I use the plastic divided storage containers and then use my old school Dymo Labeler with the embossed black and white tape to label each plastic reds, blues, or pottery, pearls,...I even have one labeled "goods" for my very favorite pieces...if you don't have your stuff stored like this, it will change the way you work, and design. It is by far the easiest, and best thing you can do for yourself in the studio organizing department!... on a techie note...I also use Jewelry Design Manager (computer program) to keep track of my purchases, pricing, and inventory...ok. I'm not saying I use it for everything, but I do use it a lot! Great if you ever decide to consign/ or sell at galleries, you can print invoices, bills, and even catalogs. This program is great for anyone struggling with can plug in your supplies, your time, etc...and it will tell you what your piece should be priced at...AWESOME!! Ok...please enter me in for those yummy beads!! xo amanda

  69. I have the bestest bead storage.
    I mearly type what colour I want into the computer and instantly a slide show of what beads I have appears. I select the beads I want and (insert servo-motor whine) my Acme bead retreaval system springs into action and deliveres the selected beads to my desk and returns unwanteds to the correct storage space. . . . .

    JUST JOKING!!!!!!
    I have a very healthy breading population of plastic trays, plackie baggies and other recepticles *sigh*
    The next place will be better organised.

  70. swopemelmel6/22/2010

    I'm using the good ole clear rubbermaid shoe box sized container system, sorted by color and labeled on the ends with label maker tags. For findings I use the clear divided trays that fit into an awesome wheeled case with a telescoping handle especially made for beads. I always use the plastic zips for beads that are opened to prevent spills. I bead sitting on my living room floor at my coffee table. I store everything under and next to my computer stand.
    I need to clean out the "junk" room and use that space for a studio, but that is an enormous undertaking.Oh maybe someday soon... did someone say yard sale???? Heaven only knows what treasures are hidden in there.

  71. The container store has a rolling toolbox that words fabulously for beads. I installed smaller plastic trays to fit in the drawer per color, one for crystal.

    I have three of rolling toolboxes....a LOT of beads.

  72. I store all of my beads in ziploc bags which I then place in large containers by color. When I want black beads, I just go to my bookcase and paw through that bin. Then I have a vintage jewelry box with loads of compartments on my desk that I use for larger pieces--pendants and such. I also keep any vintage necklaces and other finds from various tag sales in a separate box. I store my stringing wire and tools on the desk in various containers. My desk is an old computer desk, and in the keyboard tray I place the tools I use most, laid out and ready to go.

  73. How sweet, please count me in!

  74. Gail W.6/22/2010

    I kinda gave up.I started out years ago and had nice plastic drawers on rollers and everything had a place.I still have the drawers,but what worked for me was to put tacks in pieces that I could,and tacked them to the wall.Strings of beads,art beads in little plastic bags hung closer to my table.And I can't find a thing!If I find something I was looking for,I tack it up,but by then I've moved on to something else.Sorry that I was no help!

  75. Lorelei, these beads are so pretty! I have Robins nesting every year and these look so much like their eggs!

    I use tackle boxes to store my beads they seem to work awesome and even hold seed bead tubes. I know I always seem to steal my husbands stuff but if it works its mine :)

  76. I so miss my room even with its non organization! I am away for the summer, so my organization is tote bags from L.L. Bean. I do put my tubes of seed beads in laboratory glass jars (no lids) that I got at university salvage.

    I do have a tall chest of shallow drawers (discontinued from IKEA) that I am going to put into use when I get back. I decoupaged maps on the fronts of the drawers to remember what is in each drawer.

    Good luck organizing!

  77. I am using the plastic trays right now , count me for the giveaway.
    Good luck !
    Martin Caraballo

  78. Wow...How do I explain my work area...well it's on my dining room table...(48" round glass)...every inch is covered in some sort of beading material...organized mess...there are designs I want to start, designs I'm working on, designs that are finished, designs that need photos taken...I pretty much have to see everything...visual I guess. I do have items in plastic containers and all my findings are in plastic drawered containers...same for misc beads that are kept in plastic bags according to color and type of bead. Tools I'm not using are also kept in the plastic draws.

    My family is wonderful to put up with the dining room/kitchen table being the design area...good thing we have a large kitchen bar area where we eat. I would love to have a design/beading room and be organized...maybe when my son moves out...right!!!!

    Anyway one of these days I will be organized!!!! I would love to be complete like you!!!!!

    Soooo....please enter me in your great giveaway...I can find a place on my table for those cuties!!!!


  79. I am also hoping to reorganise my tiny workspace, I want to be able to see my beads at a glance. I am nowhere as stocked as you are with beading lovelies but find that because I can't always see clearly what i have i miss out creating really great things.

    Beads on strings/ cords I want to hang from my cork board.

    My other plan is to get hold of small glass jars (maybe baby food size, etc) and store my beads in them, then store them on my shelves according to colour.

    I think this will work well for my small stash but once it really starts to grow, I'll probably have to find a better way.

    Thanks for offering these beady lovelies, finger cross, I'll be lucky.

  80. I really need to organize my space. Right now I use plastic compartmentalized boxes sorted by type. But I am going to organize it by color.I have an old computer desk that works great-- especially the key board tray. Since I do alot of chain mail I have that organized in the hardware boxes with all of the little plastic drawers marked with the size of ring and the material it is made of. Good luck reorganizing.

  81. Oh, my beads are not at all organised! Most are in clear trays with compartments, either in type (eg. semi-precious stone chips) or colour. My wire is in zip-lock bags in an expandable file, as this makes it easier to find. What a lovely giveaway! I hope you get some great ideas.

  82. Anonymous6/24/2010

    I use plastic drawer storage carts for my beads. i store them by color. I sort my silver/gold findings in small drawers made for nuts and bolts and those containers I keep on the large art table I use for designing.( I like to stand when I work and this is a high table).The plastic drawer cart I keep under the art table.
    I am finding that i need to condense my work area though, as the room I'm in was supposed to be a shared space and I am currently taking up all of it!! I'm looking for a nice wooden chest that will look nicer for when i finally re-do the room into it's originally intended office/guest room.


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