A Day Late

The weekend has wrapped up, and  our visitors are safely back in Connecicut. After the kids major beading extravaganza, they came up with the following designs. I believe Miss Bean created 11 pieces in all, and Max made 6.

We had a blast playing with the kids- there were lots of swimming in the neighbor's pool, track ball in the front yard, family syle dinners. Saturday night we took the kids to Fun Zone and had a blast on the jungle gym... I kicked Joe's butt on the racing arcade games, and then Steph and I battled against Joe and Max in Lazer Tag. My first time, and all I can say is,  I am NOT used to running around that much- but it was more fun than I thought it would be and Steph beat us all out with over 2,000 points. I came in second, so I'd say girls beat the boys this round. But I'm sure there will be a rematch in Connecticut next weekend!!

Here is Miss Bean donning her many jewels from the weekend.
Ankle bracelets on each leg, 4 bracelets on each arm, and a lovely necklace. We are visiting a fighter jet in a neighboring town, good times good times. These were taken before the total meltdown, where we had to leave.

I finally got back into the studio last night, and made a few things that I'll show later on today. I have to go with Joe to a doctor's appt. concerning his current arthritis issues. A second opinion - to see if Joe should get the extremely aggressive treatment of injections. Wish us luck, he's not looking forward to it.

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  1. ;Looks like such a good time. We used to love Fun Zone. Fab designs, too! Little miss has quite an eye.

    And good luck at the appt. today. Hope all goes as hoped and you get the info you'll both need to make a decision. I'll be thinking of you.

  2. Actually, let me ask you this: have you sold the mermaid necklace or are you planning to do so?
    I just love it so much.

  3. Hi Nicki!
    I actually sold the one that was in the magazine. I am recreating it for another customer, if you'd like, I can try to make one for you too! I don't have shells on hand though- so it would be slightly different than the original. let me know!!

  4. I hope the doctors appt. goes well.

  5. Hope Joe's Dr. appt goes well. I have been through the injections for about 4 years and now have infusions every 7 weeks. It is important to have a Dr. that Joe can relate to. Good luck.

  6. Very talented kids and what a great week-end you guys had! Sending good thoughts your way for today' appointment.

  7. Sign those two up and put them to work in your cottage industry! Those are great bangles.
    Enjoy the day!

  8. What an awesome thing, beading with your niece and nephew!
    I love seeing what kids come up with as they do not have the same hang ups us adults have with materials.

    I hope whatever choice you and Joe make helps him live comfortably.

  9. Those're some bejeweled, bedazzled kids for sure! Good luck at the doctor!

  10. I am sorry to hear about Joe's arthritis. Just the other day I read a small article in a Dutch newspaper on a new treatment with protein they are developing.

    The name of the hospital is AMC and the researcher is professor Peter-Paul Tak. Here is the URL with his info http://www.amc.nl/?pid=2427&rm=person&medewerkerid=69 The info is in English.

    Maybe Joe's doctor can contact him and ask him for information on this treatment.

    Good luck!


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