A Random winner has been chosen for the Kelleys Beads Lampwork eggs, and Summers Studio Etc. Black bird bead!

Congratulations goes to-------------------------------> SHARON of HOPELESSLY ADDICTED!
Here's what Sharon said:
Blogger HopelesslyAddicted said...
I'm wracking my brain to come up with something that hasn't been said, done, tried, re-tried! My current plan is to take the beads out of the tackle boxes (the boxes are stacked in our entertainment center, the highest stack is 5!) and move them into my office, where I will set it up like a bead store. I need to see more things and colors at the same time. The right lighting will be essential. Also a large bulletin board to hang larger strands. Ever notice how you can make 20 items and it doesn't even make a dent? Beautiful giveaway you have selected.
Send me an email, Sharon- I've got your eggs and bird all ready to go fly this coup!

Thank you everyone for participating in this week's giveaway! I got so many great ideas for my studio re-org project. I am so thankful of all the great tips, and I've really enjoyed checking out your studio spaces as well!
I hope I can finally get it rearranged the way I'd like, I'm almost there. I will show after pictures, I promise!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats!!! I'd love to see what you create with those little pretties!

    ~ ~

  2. Congrats! OK I'm so jealous :P

  3. Hey! I know Sharon! Maybe if I bat my eyelashes at her the next time we meet up for beady experiences she will share her bounty... nah...she will make something so lovely with these. It was fun to read all the tips everyone had toO! Thanks for that great giveaway, Lorelei.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Congratulations Sharon! I'm not jealous at all...:-)

  5. Congrats! Great beads and sure you will do them justice.

  6. Thank you for your gracious well wishes! And thanks to Lorelei who made it all happen! I'm thrilled to have these coveted beads and will show you the results on my (near) future blog :) Loved the organization ideas, a challenge all beaders live with. Lorelei, we look to you for the solution!!
    P.S. aka Hopelessly Addicted


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