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Hi Tulips!
Welcome to Thursday's edition of UPDATING THE WEBSITE again. Do you get the feeling that I change my website design more than my underwear? I think you're right. But actually I am happy with the current changes.
I was talking to Kelly last night and she said that the previous design might be a bit TOOO rustic for me, and that it might be nice to add a bit of femininity to the site. Well, you can tell me if I've gone a bit too far, but I changed the backgrounds on all of the pages to this pretty pale pink and white floral pattern, with a damask type pattern on top layers. I like the two together, and that damask is nice, not too busy- and showcases the jewelry well.

As you can see above, I also added some buttons to the front page- my social networking buttons that take you to Twitter, the Blog, and Facebook. And a button that will take you to an old post of me showing the studio. I want to redo this video, maybe this weekend while my sister is going to be here ... she can help manage the camera.

If you click to the Bio, I have a little blurb about me, a coupla pics, and a button that I hope to soon link you to the magazines and books I've been in- then those images hopefully will link you to my picasa web album to show you some pics of the published pieces. Is that something you'd like to see?

The gallery shows some recent work- not everything. I will be adding a link to my flickr pics - a more extensive gallery of my past work,
The News page, is kind of empty right now. Just the beadstar pieces in a slide show. Voting ended yesterday.

Not sure what else I should add to that.
I am able to put links for comments to be left on the pages, which I thought would be cool- but then I read that you can't delete them, and so I figured that seeing a bunch of chinese porn comments regularly probably wouldn't be that cool- so I nixed that idea. I suppose you can use the CONTACT ME button if you have something to say!

The link page has my contact info, shop info. And the contact button where you can send me a message. Also a link for FUN LINKS which will take you to a book that right now only includes some cool shopping links. Any ideas on what other links I should include here? I would love to hear your input!

The shop page is currently inactive- until I upgrade, and take the plunge to list some things for sale there. So for now, all of my designs can be purchase at etsy.
In other news, yesterday my Pepe Tools Disc cutter arrived, along with my new metal shears. NICE!! Pretty excited to start playing around with some ideas using those. Last night was pretty much me, stuck in this chair, updating the website over and over. I am a bit obsessive like that.

That's it for today I guess. Make sure you head over to the Art Bead Scene to read my recent post about Bead & Button! Click here to see the post.
Enjoy your Thursday! The weekend is ALMOST HERE!


  1. It looks beautiful. I like that background, too. It works very well with you designs. Still, I'm gonna have to ask again, "Where is all of this free time coming from? Do you have an actual machine at your house, capable of producing new time or recapturing all the lost and/or frittered away minutes?"

    Seriously, it's the first day of summer vacation here, the kids are on the loose and I'm in a total panic about how I'm ever going to get any work done at all.

  2. Yes, didn't I tell you about that time frittering machine I have hidden in my house, while I was seeing you in FL??

  3. Anonymous6/10/2010

    Hi Lorelei--
    I'm a lurker---but I love your blog!! I'm going to go ahead and throw something in---
    I REALLY. LOVE. DESIGN. BOARDS. I think they showcase your jewelry in an awesome way....and your sense of fashion is incredible. Maybe you could have a link to go to the design boards all on an idea/inspiration page?? That way you could add more boards here and there---hint, hint??
    Love to see your jewelry!!
    Kim (Texas)
    ps also love Lorelei/Kerry show......

  4. Don't be such a lurker Kim!! I love hearing feedback and this is perfect! what a great idea! I'll add a page for the Design boards! That would be fun, then I can keep making them, or try other stores too. Although I do loooove Anthropologie!

  5. I like the new design very much! Ditto the design boards. I would also love to see you do a video of your design and decision-making process. I am always intrigued by the choices of beads that you put together - it looks so natural, so "of course!", and I'd love to hear you discuss why you chose to use certain beads, but not others that were possibilities you considered. I study your stuff a lot to try to identify why you might have made the choices you did, i.e. repeating a color, creating balance, etc., and every now and then I have an aha! moment. I'm intrigued at how your designs always look so effortless and so fluid.

  6. YESSSSSSS! Me likey! See, I told you I'd know it when I saw it ;-)


    (P.S. thanks for the link!)

  7. The new design looks gorgeous! There must be something in the air this week...you redesigned your site and I cleaned up my studio. I *really* should have taken some before pictures. Oh well, next time :-)

  8. Another lurker here...
    I like the front/home page and your bio page. (I especially like the aged wood on the front page). The gallery and news pages look at bit off to me. The brown "sheet" looks too yellowish.

  9. Very nice changes and the neutral grays make your jewelry really stand out. I love the picture at the top of the door to your studio. It is intriguing and makes me want to walk in and see what is in there!!

  10. Oh Lady, you have been busy!

    I think I saw the newest edition which I love, there is something about your jewelry that fits with the rustic wood background, but a little 'pretty" never hurt anybody.

    (unless it's those shoes that look good in the window but kill your ability to walk, then I guess pretty has been hurtful, but I ramble...)

  11. I love the design of the website, but why have a website and a blog. Couldn't you redirect to blog to the domain for your web page and have the blog designed in your website design? I would like to find all Lorelei Eurto info in one spot. Unlike you I do not have a time making machine:-)


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