Joe and Lori, the NEXT Ghostbusters!

The Garrison Inn, Newburyport

Ask a Newburyport native and you’ll find that room 408 is said to be haunted by Sarah White Banister, the heir to the building’s original owner. Staff members have seen her there in the past. Recently in a nearby room, a woman staying there alone described talking with a little girl. Another occurrence caused the housekeeping staff alarm when they heard what they thought was rushing water from a third floor room. No guests were scheduled to be there, but inside they found the the television blaring static. Even now, the television can be heard turning on when guests and staff pass by the closed door in the hallway.

We are staying at this hotel in a few weeks when we go away for our anniversary.
AM I COMPLETELY CRAZY?? I will be walking out if I find out I'm staying in Room 408, I can tell you that. In the same building is one thing, in the same room- is a whole other story. Joe is laughing his ass off right now- completely convinced I will NOT be able to handle this.

Don't worry, I had to really think about it. And everyone assured me, that nothing will happen while I'm there.  But look at these pictures? Creepy or what?!
Joe and I love those ghost shows on tv, we watch them all. Ghost Hunters,  America's Most Haunted, Paranormal State, you name it. So there is a small part of me that feels a bit excited to actually stay someplace that there have been real reports of hauntings. The first review I read, was from a gentleman who wanted to experience the haunting first hand but he was disappointed to not have had anything happen during his stay. I can't say I would be disappointed. Relieved maybe, but not disappointed.

SO, what's the worst that could happen. I could see something, that would be pretty intense. I could hear something- that I can talk myself out of... it was the building, it's old.
I could feel something, at which point, I may lose it completely. I am not sure how I'll handle it but for now, I am just maintaining that nothing will probably happen, and it'll all be good.

So, while I scour the internet for the cheapest EMF detector I can find, and some Holy water to bring with me, enjoy thoughts of me and Joe- battling the spirits of Garrison Inn....  ;)


  1. sounds like fun to me, I love all those shows too.....wouldn't mind an incounter as long as the ghost wasn't an angry one........

  2. I have a few rosaries I have made on hand that I could send you to fend off the spirits. They don't work just hanging around looking pretty. And garlic. Or is that for vampires? Now I am getting my genres all mixed up! That is a bit too much stress for me. I hope you can relax and have a good laugh, with Joe, at this whole experience. But it is fun to share that adventure together!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Oh no a spooky Inn! I can definately say that I lived in an old 125 yr old house that was haunted many years ago! This log house had to of been well over 125 yrs old. There was no mistaking the slamming of the cupboards in the kitchen! I would run as fast as I could over the covered bridge that seperated the house from the kitchen but never was anything amiss. My daughter was 8 at the time and she too well remembers the sound, strange but it was only in the mornings! This was way out in the country in alittle town called Lodge SC. It did stop but its too long to explain here. Ill just say that it took a bunch of Bible verses. What a strange experience it was and creepy! We had to eventually move closer to civilization. My Mother also worked for Middleton Place in Charleston SC and she heard footsteps after everyone had left for the day. Also she smelled pipe smoke. OOops I didnt mean to scare you lol. Have a great time!

  4. watching the original The Shining spooked me so much that i don't even want to think about seeing ghosts...ooooohhhhhh

  5. swopemelmel6/16/2010

    Gosh, that is so funny right after your "Wandering Spirit" post. LOL
    Wow! that hallway pic is straight out of The Shining. "Come and play with us Lorelei, come play with us FOREVER!!!" Sorry I couldn't resist, I totally love movies and movie quotes.

  6. Anne Betenson6/16/2010

    My other half runs 16 cemetaries and 1 cremetorium and he has often said that the living are a lot more trouble than the dead.I tend to agree with him on that,however if you do have an"experience"(very few people really do)you are priveleged.
    However,it will be spooky!

  7. amanda@amandadavie.com6/16/2010

    Can I come? Sounds like a ton of fun...maybe some new inspiration for a jewelry line? Don't let your hubby get the best of you during your stay...sounds like he's the type to plan a little faux ghost scare...have a wonderful trip...and maybe bring that EMF detector..light and love-amanda

  8. Make a necklace of eye beads and wear it the entire time. You might want to include a cross that's been sprinkled with holy water.

  9. Sounds like a great place to go for your anniversary. Don't let your sweetheart play tricks on you.
    As for the ghost - it obviously hasn't harmed anyone, so what is there to worry about?

  10. Say this before you sleep. " Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; Bless this bed I lay on. " It will protect you. I stayed in a haunted hotel once in NYC and woke up as someone ( thing ) totally laid on top of my body, immobilizing me until I could yell, " get off! " Very scary thing!

  11. Lori Michaud6/17/2010

    Love those shows. You'll love Newburyport, it's quaint! Love it there. Once found a little sign in a shop there that I should have purchased, "I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a paralell universe."

  12. HaHa! You are staying there! I knew you would. Adds another element of excitement to the trip for you and Joe, which I know you just love because you like to shake things up a bit! Don't know if I could do it. I know how you feel though, I am VERY intrigued by the spirit world, but don't know if I could mentally handle a ghostly encounter! See you soon, Love! :)

  13. If you are really worried? put a line of salt across your door ;) that should keep anything from entering!! Have fun! Let us know what happens!

  14. Looks like a cute little place to stay. I totally believe in the spirit world, but I think a more common thing is that people project their fears and insecurities. The mind is a beautiful thing that searches and reaches for symbolism and recognition of the iconography of the humanoid. Have you ever played that game where you name clouds that seem to look like something else? It's like that. We're hardwired to look for patterns. The shape of the human body or the face is one of the most powerful images. I think the "negative energy" projected is sometimes identified as being of human origin, especially when a place is seeped in history. It's the making of modern myth!

    Enjoy your visit!

  15. Anonymous6/17/2010

    Hehe, that brings up some memories. On my last vacation with my boyfriend, we did encounter a ghost or poltergeist. It was in a nice old bed-and-breakfast in South Africa. Everything in the house looked like your grandmother's living room, you know the kind, one room in pale pink, one in pale green... ancient furniture, little lacy tea-cloths on every table and even on the armchairs. Our room had a double bed with a metal frame, very pretty thing actually. Everything was fine, until we went to bed, laid down... and turned off the light.

    Immediately a sound started, somewhere inside the bedframe, as if something was swinging in it, metal clanging against metal. DENGDENGDENGDENGdeng. We *were* lying still, none of us had moved, the bed wasn't shaking. We turned on the light, the sound stopped. We shook the bed - nothing. We couldn't reproduce the sound, no matter how hard we tried. Eventually we laid down again, turned off the light... DENGDENGDENGdeng. This repeated itself, several times. The sound only came when it was dark, and when we were lying completely still, without breathing even.
    We didn't get much sleep that night! In the morning, there was a broken water pipe in the wall of our room, so we got the one across the corridor. Which was ghost-free, thankfully. Still, it was a pretty funny experience (at least *after* we finally got some sleep)

  16. How awesome! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

    Scary can be very exciting (wink wink).

  17. Anonymous6/17/2010

    My 4yo nephew can see spirits and orbs that others can't. He doesn't know to be scared of them, just accepts them as part of life.

    Think about it. If you were a spirit, wouldn't you want to have a little fun with people from time to time, but mainly look out for them and protect them? I would. Since they're not known to be harmful, think of them as potential friends!


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