Lorelei & Kerry- Wrapping it up

Watch how Kerry and I put together this necklace- and if you haven't seen the first 2 videos, check them out on my website here.
If you ever get a chance to bead with a friend, I highly recommend it. I can't hardly wait til Kerry can come up and bead with me in my studio. Hopefully she'll get some free time soon! ENJOY!!


  1. Hello! That is seriously one BEAUTIFUL necklace you gals made!! LOVE the pendant!!!! And the colors.....well, just everything about it is fantastic! Great job and I am enjoying the videos! Thanks for sharing!


  2. What I really want to know is...when do WE get to bead together! Except...I don't have a studio so it will have to be at your house LOL!

  3. Very cute! Love the colors, love the combo of wire-wrapping with string/knotting

  4. p.s. I agree about the necessity of a bead buddy. so much more fun!

  5. You and Kerry are so cute together! I love these videos and I absolutely LOVE the necklace that you made together! So pretty!!! I can't believe you two pulled off a piece like that, just kind of on the fly. Awesome!!

    Can't wait til you and I have our episode!

  6. A true collaboration and how fun to bead with a friend. This necklace is beautiful and super interesting in textures. Happy creating...

  7. You both are so good individually but you rock together - so fun and informational. Really enjoyed it and the finished necklace is beautiful. Please remind Kerry to do a clasp video - you both work so fast!!

  8. Great necklace!! I love watching the banter between the two of you :)

  9. You guys are so cute together!! You totally need a kerry and lorelei show!!

  10. "you don't think out your designs"

    This is the essence of Lorelei. This is what makes your designs spectacular and stand out from the crowd.

    I was so happy to see another video by you both, I just sit here and smile at the computer and feel less lonely.

  11. Hi Lorelei,
    I'm from Italy and I like your style!
    Good work.

  12. Great collaboration by great collaborators :)


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